Difficulties using different playback speeds

App version: 2.0.0-RC7 Playstore

Android version: Android 9, Xiaomi Miui12

Device model: Xiaomi Mi 9t Pro

Expected behaviour:
Playback speed is set according to the settings done in the feed-view (Gear Icon :gear:) once a episode starts playing.

Current behaviour:
It is complicated…

For Example:
You are listening to a episode which should play at x1.30.
Now the next episode starts, which should play on x1.00.
The old playback speed is still used and even adopted on episode settings for playback speed (I assume this is the global playback speed? The “default setting”?)

Another: (not yet completly sure about)
Force Stop the app and start again, the episode is playing at default speed, even a faster is set in podcast settings.

First occurred: (e.g. about x days/weeks ago)
Noticed jsut now on 2.0.0-RC7.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Subscribe to a few different podcasts, preferably short ones for simulating listening to a whole episode instead skip the episode until the end.
  2. Set Podcast playback speed to distinguishable speeds including “default setting”.
  3. Listen to some of the episodes, while screen is on and while screen is off.
  4. Alter some of the episodes playback speed using the episode settings.
  5. Listen to a few more, again screen on and off.

Sorting in Queue:

Start Playing A at x3.00, lock screen
B starts playing after A at x3.00

If screen is not locked, it seems to work as intented.
A at x3.00
B at x0.5

A few combinations:
A(E1) at x3.00 (skipped to the end, screen on)
B(E1) at x0.50, set to x4.00 in episode settings (played completly, screen off)
C(E1) is at x4.00 (skipped using button, screen on)
C(E2) is playing at x4.00 (skipped to the end, screen off)
C(E3) is playing at x4.00 (moved C(E1) behind C(E3) skipped to end, screen off)
C(E1) is playing at x4.00 again.

Default Speed is x1.00

So after writing this report, I may know why part of this behaviour occours.

Keeping the old playback speed between episodes while screen is off, seems to be a bug after all.

But once I set the speed to x4.00 the global setting is changed, ignoring the podcast specific playback speed, which may be intented … But I personally don’t think this should work this way.
(Similar to my post here)
There should be a stricter differenation between settings for Podcasts, Episodes and Global. (I will write a feature request about this for further discussion)

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Hi @podlover,

I’m sorry nobody replied on this to you earlier, and that you’re experiencing this issue. I found this issue on GitHub - do you think it might be similar to the issue you’re experiencing?

And, I guess this is the case, but just to confirm: I guess the problem persists in version 2.0.2, which has been release on Google Play?

At least it reads exactly as I experienced the problem.
most of the time it feels like the playback speed is not set correctly. I think I described it very detailed in my post and of which I can remember it is the same.