Strict differenation between (playback) settings of Podcast/Episode/Global

App version: 2.0.0-RC7

After having trouble with the playback speeds I wanted to start a discussion about how the playback settings may should be handeld.

This post may be related to: Pauses removed during playback

As far as I know Antennapod has three playback setting screens:

A: Global Settings
B: Podcast Settings
C: Episode Settings

A.S1 - Playbackspeeds (where you can pick which speeds are shown in B)
A.Sx - Global Playback Speed called “default playback speed” (Has to be inserted)
B.S2 - Playback Speed
B.S3 - Automatic Skipping
B.S4 - Reduce Volume
C.S5 - Playback Speed
C.S6 - Volume (For Left and Right)
C.S7 - Skip Silence
C.S8 - Stereo to Mono

Now I am trying to express what I would await from playback speed:

  1. I can set my default playback speed n A. (Eg: If I want to listen everything at double speed, nothing to do with S1)
  2. I can set the podcast specific speed at B.S2. (Eg: Everything is x2.00, but Podcast XY is much to fast, so reduce it to x1.00)
  3. I can set the episode speed using C.S5. (Eg: Podcast YZ is very inconsequent about their speaking speed between episodes, so I can readjust setting B.S2 here if needed)
  • Setting C.S5. should not affect B.S2 and once a new episode starts, B.S2 should load for this episode.
    – If B.S2 is “default”, then it shoud load A.Sx
  • Setting C.S5 is only active for one episode, once the episode is switched, it will reset again to default A.Sx or B.S2.

Now about all the other settings:

  • In A the global playback speed should be added. Since in B it is used as “default playback speed”. Or maybe removed, since it is already in B with the setting x1.00.
  • B.S3 and B.S4 are used for all episodes of this podcast, so maybe C.S6, C.S7, C.S8 should be added here too. Most of the time these settings are podcast dependend and not episode dependend.
    – C.S8 maybe even in A, since it is quite special. But I don’t know any usecase myself.
  • C.S5 should be renamned to something like “Episode Playback Speed”, “Temporary Playback Speed” to be disconnected from the Podcast Playback Speed and Global Playback Speed.

I hope this is not to wild and I was able to make my point clear.
Since AntennaPod is already in RC-Phase, these changes would be quite big, but are also important in my opinion, therefore they should be considered for the 2.0.0 release anyway.
But maybe I am completly wrong and these settings were intendet to be used in a completly different way?

I just skimmed the post for now but I will try to find time to have a closer look. I just want to let you know how it was intended to work. Great post, by the way. Really detailed!

  • The slider in C sets the global playback speed. If you do not use per-podcast speed at all (probably a majority of users), you can set it to whatever value you want and all episodes you start will play with that speed.
  • If you set a podcast specific playback speed in B, episodes of that podcast should start playing with that speed (no matter they are started: queue, play button, etc)
  • If you are listening to an episode with podcast-specific speed and then move the slider in C, it will not change the global speed. What you set in this case only affects the current episode while still playing. You can pause and continue, so the speed is saved temporarily but if you play another episode and come back, it will use the podcase-specific speed again.