Don't remove from queue after playing

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Google Play v2. 2.1

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Sorry if I’ve missed a setting somewhere, but is there an option for the queue to not remove podcasts after they’ve played?

I listen at bedtime and often fall asleep and am having to re-add the podcasts from the previous night and in the right order etc.


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I think you have to disable option to auto delete downloaded file when episode ends and probably uncheck removing from queue when downloaded file is deleted.
Both settings are in storage section.

Hmm - I already have “Auto Delete” off and “Delete removes from queue” off. Keep favourite episodes is also on.

I don’t really download though - I mainly stream, so wonder if those settings don’t apply?

Thing is, I can’t see anything that would do what I need so it may be a feature request.

I think indeed there’s no setting for that. Do you know of the sleep timer? If you let the podcast stop automatically it would (in most cases I guess) not finish the episode and thus keep it in the queue.

Thanks - yes I do use the sleep timer every night. I normally set it to sleep at the end of the second episode as sometimes I’ll make it past the first episode without falling asleep but sometimes I don’t and then lose the first episode from the queue. I’ll add as a feature request, but not a big deal really in the scheme of things!


This is a great podcast app. However, I too would like the option to keep played episodes in the queue. I listen to the same episode of an ASMR podcast every night and always have to re-add it to the queue. It’s a massive first world problem. Any suggestions?

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Now that is the exact kind of use case I didnt expect. I kinda wanna ask which podcast is it.
I also would like this feature to be supported

It’s called ASMR Rain Recordings from They’ve shifted to Spotify now (which I don’t use) and the recent episodes have an intro promoting this. The older episodes in the feed are still available and they’re ad and voice free.

Just play/stream the episode direct from the podcast episode list?

Hey gomezz. Not a bad idea but I always listen to one or 2 other podcasts at bedtime and queue the ASMR last. It’d be nice to have this customisation option.

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I also tried the “Lock Queue” option but episodes are still removed after playing.