Download episodes without having to subscribe to a podcast

App version: 3.3.2 (Google Play)

It seems that this request was made in similar form, but nothing seems to have happend (correct me if I’m wrong)

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:

Search Episodes or see list of episodes from a found podcast and download only a selected episode(s) to listen to them

Suggested solution:

Allow to download and later play single episodes (from podcasts which you not have subscribed to)

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:

I either search a podcast or a specific podcast episode (title, describtion, …). I can select one or more episodes and download them for listening (later). All this without having to subscribe to a podcast just to get one or more episode (works with other podcatcher like Google Podcast, Good Pods, Pocket Cast, Podcast additc, …)


Closing this in favour of Download single episode without subscribing. That one got closed accidentally – I’ll reopen it (as it already has a lot of discussion there).

@swschilke, @mpardo , @andbenn & @bee8bit, you’re most welcome to like the other feature request, so your votes will get counted there (if ever we do such a thing).