Further home screen improvements

The main thing i take away is certainly that overcast works just with a homescreen and without a bottom navigation, that is quite interesting indeed.

In general i would create a default UX that has queue and a list of all episodes (new on top) and add further customization like seperate inbox, statistics etc as sections (with links to seperate screens) to the homescreen, that can simply be turned on/off and reordered, much like the PR i had already. Im just not sure how much support there is to rethink UX in a more hollistic way which would include the alleviation of the subscribe first dogma.

To be honest I’m quite happy with the home screen I designed - I think it does include most if not all the elements you mention. I also can’t really visualise what Overcast looks like - how it looks/feels different from AP’s home screen, based on your description. Maybe if you could share a screen recording or screenshots that would help to understand what you mean.

I think there is some support for listening to episodes without subscribing. From what I remember, it’s mainly about how to implement it technically. See [UX] Add single episode without subscribing to podcast · Issue #4710 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub.

I guess having that discussed & implemented would help for more holistic discussions. But that shouldn’t prevent us from improving the home screen I think.