German website translation


I just wanted to let you know, that I yesterday completed the German website translation. :slight_smile:

Have a nice one
Vri :rainbow:


Thanks a lot for translating the website! As it is easier to review translations in context, I created a preview of the website. Do you mind checking the texts to see if everything looks okay?

I will check the translation as well. I already repaired some translations created by another person who just directly accepted the machine translation, which generated quite inconsistent and often wrong translations (especially “du” vs “Sie”). As soon as we have both read through the preview and are happy with it, we can push the translation to the live website :slight_smile:

Small reminder for the review: It is not necessary to translate word-by-word. It is more important (especially on the general pages) that the texts sound good.

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Thanks for creating the preview. I will be checking it.
Shall I correct it immediately in weblate?

Ah, sorry. Give me one moment please. The preview doesn’t have my corrections yet. (this is my first time creating a preview, usually keunes does that, but I wanted to learn how to do it :slight_smile:)

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Alrighty, I will wait :slight_smile:

Okay, preview updated :slight_smile: Ready for checking.

If it’s an obvious mistake, yes. If you are not entirely sure, we can also discuss here on the forum if you want (greetings from Karlsruhe :wink:).

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Oki. :slight_smile:
Most links seem to be linking to the english version of the site. I am already on it. :slight_smile:

Greetings from Leipzig :slight_smile:

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The link in the english version is broken:

Hmm, maybe we should fix that globally, so not every translation needs to change the links. @keunes any idea?

Oh, right. Thanks! I created a Pull Request to fix that: Fix link in English website version by ByteHamster · Pull Request #196 · AntennaPod/ · GitHub

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Sounds very reasonable. I already changed all 7 translations including ](/, but that should be easily undone.

Thanks for creating the PR. :slight_smile:

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Today I learned: There’s a space between the number and the percentage symbol in German. Looks weird to me, but I do have to agree that style guides recommend doing it. In English (where I read most of my percentage symbols), there is no space. Sorry, I removed some of the space characters when looking through the strings earlier.

How about using a smaller space? 5 % vs 5 % vs 5% (normal, thin, none). I think the second, smaller one looks slightly nicer. It is also used like this on some websites I checked, and Wikipedia lists the percentage sign as an example: Schmales Leerzeichen – Wikipedia Edit: Oh, well. The forum software replaces it with a normal space. I guess the website’s Markdown parser will do the same, so let’s just stick with the normal one

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I was about to write about this, but was not sure about it. ^^

Edit: Weird sentence; I should go to bed. xD

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Should it be “Podcast-Player” or “Podcast-Manager”? Currently we use a mix of both.

I would prefer a word, that even not english speaking people could understand. Something like “Podcast-Spieler”, but I’m not really happy with that one. :thinking:

Spieler = Spooler? That is what this native English speaker would interpret it as. :smile:

I think both “Manager” and “Player” should be understandable even for people who don’t speak English. I mean, we have managers in companies and we have MP3 Players. I slightly prefer “Manager” over “Player” because AntennaPod doesn’t just play - it stores the playback state, has favorites, etc.

Oki, sounds reasonable. I personally go for “Podcast-Player”. :slight_smile:

“Player” would be a bit shorter than “Manager”. Maybe that actually is the better word for the website. I don’t think it matters too much which we choose :slight_smile:

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Normally links should already be localised automatically. Can you say which links refer to the English version?

I would go for Podcast Player as well - ‘manager’ sounds a bit more complex - that’s not a feeling we want to convey on the website :slight_smile:

Maybe we should try and address those inconsistencies as well. If you recall, would you mind sharing them?

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The “decentralized podcast app” button, for example: Episode lässt sich nicht herunterladen – AntennaPod (in the documentation).

I think the only place in the English version is in the footer: “The easy-to-use, flexible and open-source podcast manager for Android.”