How do I stop listening to podcasts?

I’m a new user, trying AntennaPod for the first time. I downloaded 2 podcasts, and listened to one of them. While I was listening, AntennaPod pinned a large ‘media player’ panel to my notifications allowing me to see the progress through the podcast, and pause or resume it without opening the app, which I thought was very convenient.

After the first podcast was done, I paused as soon as the second started, and set my phone down, not intending to listen to it right away. However, the AntennaPod panel remained pinned on my notifications. I opened AntennaPod and removed the second podcast from my queue, but the AntennaPod panel remained pinned on my notifications. I started playing the second podcast, then pressed ‘skip’ on it. This removed the ‘now playing’ panel at the bottom of the AntennaPod app, but the AntennaPod panel remained pinned on my notifications.

How do I tell AntennaPod that I am done listening to podcasts for now, and I no longer need it to be pinned to my notifications? I have already tried swiping away the AntennaPod panel on the notifications itself, but it just jiggles a little and refuses to go away. I could probably block it from appearing in my system settings, but like I said, I thought it was useful while I was listening to the podcast. I just want to know how to tell AntennaPod that I am done listening to podcasts for now and I will open it myself next time I want to listen to them. I don’t need this panel on my notifications all the time.


App version: 3.3.2 (Google Play)
Android version: 14
Device model: Pixel 5a

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My settings do not have the option “Hide player when the media session has ended” shown there. I already looked in those settings the first time I tried to swipe the panel away and would have tried that it if was that obvious.

The other option, force-stopping AntennaPod does work. But I don’t want to open up settings to force-stop AntennaPod every time I’m done using it. I don’t think that’s a good way to design an app.

Other apps don’t do this. They appear there while they are playing, and disappear shortly afterwards. AntennaPod is the only one I’ve seen stay there for hours and not disappear on it’s own. If I don’t have any podcasts ‘in progress’ or even queued up or whatever, AntennaPod should remove itself.

YouTube app acts very similar for me. Try long pressing the notification and selected Hide.

Long press does give the hide option. Thank you for that!

I just tested with YouTube app and it only remains there if I have a video open. If I stop playing a video with the X button in the ‘now playing’ panel at the bottom, the panel in the notifications also goes away, even though the YouTube app is still open.

This is what led me to phrase my question the way that I did: I understand the panel remaining open if the media is merely ‘paused’ in the background, but it should go away when the media is ‘stopped’. Youtube has an X button to stop playing a video in the background, and I was looking for how to ‘stop’ a podcast in AntennaPod.

Can’t you swipe the media notification that shows the artwork of the podcast and some controls to the right to get rid of it? How were you swiping it, since you said nothing happened except some jiggling? The screen might need to be unlocked to perform this.

If I have to pause a podcast, I’d prefer to leave the media notification on the screen. If I’m not coming back to it for a longer while, I’ll swipe it away.

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With my phone unlocked, I swipe on the tile. It moves slightly in the direction I swiped it towards, then wiggles to indicate it won’t move any further. I swiped it all sorts of ways, and the only way I found to remove it was with Long Press as Nilex said.

I’ll explain what I mean in contrast to the official YouTube app. If you open a YouTube video, and then hit back, the video moves to a miniplayer at the bottom of the app screen. This miniplayer has two buttons on it: A pause button, and an X button. The pause button stops playing the video, but leaves it active so that you can resume it later. The X button stops playing the video and dismisses it. It’s communicating to the app that you don’t need the notification to stick around because you’re not planning on continuing right now. Maybe you’ll come back and watch it later, maybe you won’t. Either way, the app doesn’t need to keep reminding you that you only watched half of it.

This is where I seem to be getting confused. As far as I can tell, AntennaPod only has a ‘pause’ button. There’s no way to actually stop listening to a podcast, only leave it paused forever. And the notification staying up forever unless you manually dismiss it is just a… side effect of this design choice?

This is correct. If I’m finished listening to podcasts and don’t want AntennaPod to show in my app carousel anymore I just “toss” it and then I don’t see it anymore. Since you asked, though, I checked for the player tile in notifications and didn’t see it. Then, on a hunch, I pulled my notifications way down and did see the player tile. I clicked the play button and it didn’t do anything, which is logical since I had closed the app, but could be confusing.

I just tried this and had a similar result, but I noticed Android left a gear icon next to the panel. I clicked on that and it brought up the Media options. I have all three settings enabled, including “Pin media player” and “Show media on lock screen.” Assuming your settings are the same, that explains why we aren’t able to slide the panel off of the alerts.

When I opened the app again and clicked Play the media player tile tile went back to the top of the alerts instead of hiding at the bottom where it had been relegated when I closed the app.

It does seem logical to me for AntennaPod to “surrender” that spot way down at the bottom of the alerts when the app is closed (not just minimized), but I don’t know what the norm is for other podcast apps. I’m a recent refugee from Google Podcasts and don’t know if it handled this differently than AntennaPod does now.

There is a setting, User Interface, “Persistent Playback controls” and if off, as soon as you stop play, the media notification vanishes. At least for me (as I unset this, but I usually keep it set).

Sure enough, I see that setting is enabled and the description seems to match what @Kanti expressed concern about.
I’ll stick with the default since the current behavior doesn’t bother me, but it’s good to know that option is available in case I change my mind.

I had the same problem and I found the following solution: go to AntennaPod Settings > Storage > and configure the app to use internal storage. I use an SD card to increase internal memory, so when an application has problems, first I clear the cache and if that doesn’t solve it, I configure that app’s storage only for internal memory.

After that, just swipe the notification after you finish listening to the podcast!!

If it’s not clear, please ask me, for this answer I used Gboard translator. I don’t speak English.