How to auto-download queued episodes?

App version: 3.4.0
Android version: 11

The best use case for me for downloading episodes, instead of streaming, is caching them for later play when on mobile data or sparse reception. That’d be the case of auto-downloading episodes queued for play. Where is that?

I download episodes in advance for that same reason.

From the Inbox just tap the down arrow button next to the episode(s) you will want to play later. That downloads the episode and automatically moves it to the queue.

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This is a feature/functionality I’m really learning to use.

With the ‘download later’, I can re-arrange my queue to be prioritized as I want, then all the episodes appear when I’m on a friendly wifi network.

Yeah, well, that’s not very “auto”. I don’t use the inbox much bc I mainly use AntennaPod to put on stories for the kiddo. Ideally, this should work the other way around: adding episodes to the queue, regardless where from, would automatically set them for download.

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Apologies that I apparently misunderstood your current configuration. It sounds like your “New episodes action” is configured for “Add to queue.”

You will want to enable “Automatic download” in Settings / Downloads / Automatic download.

It isn’t. My use case of podcasts is not as source of news or current affairs, but rather as a library (kids stories usually, but I think this is the case of anyone listening to time insensitive content). It’s not often we’re waiting for new episodes; we’re more often rummaging for podcasts, and binge listening to all episodes till we move on to the next one.

In either case, it’d make more sense for AntennaPod to set queued episodes for download than inboxed ones (and if it is set to put new episodes in the queue, it’d download them too).

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Under Settings > Playback you have an “Enqueue downloaded” setting. With that on, you can just download the episodes you intend to listen to and they will be added to the queue automatically.

It sounds like you are currently trying to do things the other way around by adding things to the queue first.


Indeed I was; it seemed more logical/intuitive to me to set queued items to be automatically downloaded, but the other way around works too; I just had to change the swipe action to download instead of enqueue. The net result is the same. Thanks.


Would it be appropriate to request a feature (settings toggle) to automatically download enqueued episodes? Like @Tagarela_Midia, I feel that workflow to be more intuitive than the opposite.

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I’m gonna tag along on this. The solution is not optimal for my flow. I have selected about 20 podcasts that I will always listen to when there is a new episode no matter what, so I went into the settings for each of these shows and changed the default new episode behavior from ‘add to inbox’ to ‘add to queue’. They get added to queue but are never downloaded unless I do it manually. But in the interest of automating as much as I can, I’d like to see an option added to downloaded queued items. It only makes sense since the inverse setting, enqueue downloaded items, is already there.

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Indeed it seems this is a frequent request:

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