How to get rid of the red exclamation mark "last update failed" warnings?

I really do not want or need those red exclamation marks next to every subscription when I have a connection problem and update fails. Is there a way to prevent them? I have the information in the log so I do not want them there if possible. Is there at least a way to batch remove them after they appear?

If the answers are no on both counts consider it feature requests.

I think reloading removes them, in my testing you sometimes need to do that for each feed individually.

Thing is, the warnings are also displayed if there is just no internet connection (like you downloaded episodes and are in flight mode and just pull to refresh out of habit) - so I would consider this rather a bug, the warnings should only be displayed if there is an internet connection, @ByteHamster what do you think?

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Yeah, I don’t think there should be an option to hide warnings because they indicate that something is wrong. Otherwise you might miss episodes. AntennaPod should only auto-refresh when there is a network connection but I think this is not checked for manual refresh. Also, there is the feature request about retrying to refresh automatically before showing an error message. That should be rather easy to implement after my download service rework (needed for Android 12 compatibility).

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I move around a lot and have frequent automatic refresh and downloads of 50+ podcasts set in AntennaPod. I very often have disconnects during the day and end up having to remove 50 red exclamation marks. I could of course leave them but it seems to take a while before they are gone and I keep wondering if they are old or new.

But couldn’t the response code be checked and if it indicates that there is no there was no response the warnings just wouldn’t be shown?

When there is no network connection, we shouldn’t even check in the first place. No need to do the request and check the response.

Ok but right now, when pulling to refresh, there is a request, even if there is no connection.

Yeah, manual refresh should check for network availability too.

Current release
Also weird, the error is “download ended with error” but I didn’t download, just refreshed, maybe that could be renamed?

The notification currently doesn’t know if it was a media file download or a feed download. It’s the same code that downloads both of them.

How about a agnostic description then like “fetching podcasts failed”

For me your suggestion is not agnostic - it means ‘refresh feed’, it excludes ‘episode downloads’ (while the mechanism excludes this).

Could this be changed, theoretically? So that we can better inform the user?

I agree

Are you referring to Retry incomplete (failed) downloads automatically · Issue #1250 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub ?

Improvement request: Pull to refresh possible & leads to error when · Issue #5255 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

Do you mean that this is already the case (for automatic refresh) and should be working like that (if not, then it’s a bug) - or that this is not the case and the app should be changed so that it checks for a network connection before doing automatic refresh?

Its just a suggesting, but fetch actually can mean both :wink:

My main issue is that the red exclamation marks doesn’t disappear again. If I do a full refresh of all the feeds some exclamation marks disappear but several are left. I waited more than 24 hours and many were still there. Why can’t they disappear after a set amount of time, or when a next full refresh is done? The way it is now I have to go to each and every feed and do a refresh to get rid of the error message. It is very tedious and I do already know that something went wrong. I also know that it will most likely be corrected by the next refresh. I have automatic refresh set hourly.

Yep, but it was not the ‘fetching’ that makes it not agnostic - it’s the ‘podcasts’ (which are not episodes) :wink:

That is indeed the question. Because normally this should be the case if I’m not mistaken.

Well “fetching episodes failed” then

Which then excludes the other (fetching feeds). As neither is inherently better then the current text, I’d just keep it as is. But what about this?

C’mon => “fetching failed"

Currently “downloads failed” is confusing if you didn’t download anything (excludes refreshing of episodes, podcasts, feeds and what not), so I think it definitely should be changed.

‘Fetching failed’ could work. Still not sure it’s improving enough that it makes sense to have it re-translated, but ok.

Do you have any opinion/thought about splitting the download mechanism? Note sure why you seem to be ignoring that point. Surely is more work, but if we want a better user experience (properly informing the user) - if at all possible - that would be nice.