Inconsistent Widget Play/Pause Behavior

App version: 3.1.1 (Google Play)
Android version: 14.0 (Also occurred on Android 13)
Device model: Pixel 7a

Expected behaviour: If an in-progress, not yet completed episode is displayed in the widget, clicking play on the widget should start/resume playback.

Current behaviour: The play/pause behavior on the widget is inconsistent. I will press play on the widget and while the widget icon changes to pause indicating it should be playing I hear no audio and when I open the app the actual player is still paused and displaying the play icon. Once I start playback from within the app it works as expected.

First occurred: I’ve been on 3.1.1 since the beta, so for a while, but I think this started with the 3.1 builds.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Hard to provide specific steps as it doesn’t always fail and I have yet to identify a pattern as to when the issue is encountered. I do know it’s not related to a specific podcast somehow as it happens across my podcasts, just seemingly randomly.

Environment: I do not select another media player, using whatever default is.

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See Play button doesn't work on screen lock. It looks like a similar issue may be occurring on the lock screen player/notification.

I have this issue too with the widget in the Android (14) pull down menu.

Sounds like the same behavior is being encountered whether using the AP home screen widget or the “default” media player in the notification drop-down area (which I would assume is the same thing as what is displayed on the lock screen).

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