Kudos: auto skip (per subscription)

I really appreciate the (per subscription) auto skip settings.

I’ve become quite annoyed with the ever-growing non-content at the beginning & end of many podcasts and this feature REALLY helps with that. Thanks!

Unfortunately some podcasters are on to us and are taking measures to get their non-content into our earballs including:

  • varying the length of the start/end non-content
  • putting a lot more of their non-content in the middle, including having a brief “cold open” segment that precedes their normal start non-content.

Yes, I know they need to monetize and advertising/sponsor messages are the common way to do that. However, the repetitive nature of it is just so utterly mind-numbing. I’m often occupied with other activities and can’t get to the skip forward controls to take care of the stuff the auto skip doesn’t handle. Wouldn’t it be great if AntennaPod worked with Google Assistant and I could just say “hey google skip forward”. Once can dream. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the kind words, I worked on the Auto skip feature and I use that all the time to skip ads and banter and intro.

Having Google Assistant for skipping forward would be possible since we have the assistant already integrated. Go ahead and file a Github issue for that request and see if a developer can pick it up. Maybe like a Hey Google, Skip 20 seconds.

I was thinking of doing audio analysis to figure out an ad read, usually the sound level is different than regular banter


Regarding add skipping, there’s also this thread:
Ability to skip ads in the podcast