Left swipe to mark episode as read: A bug?

App version: 2.7.1

Android version: 13

Device model:Samsung S20FE

Expected behaviour:In Episodes view filtered to show unplayed episodes only, left swipe to mark swiped episode as read.

Current behaviour:First attempt appears to do nothing but a second attempt then works

First occurred: Always since first changing the swipe action to Mark as Read.

Appears to happen only for those episodes that are not downloaded and are still in the Inbox and fhe first swipe actually removes the episode from the Inbox but does not mark it as read. Surely it should do both? And also offer the Mark as Read option for an Inbox swipe action?

(and while we are at it should the Episodes view not have a episode counter similar to that shown in the Inbox and other views?)

This is by design. Episodes are first removed from the inbox and then marked as played. Played episodes are removed from the inbox, so this only happens when you “falsely” mark episodes as played that are not actually played.

What is the rationale for this design decision? If the left swipe shows that it will action the Mark as Played function then it seems curious that it does not do that.action. I see nothing false about marking something as played an episode the user wants to mark as played. If you want to play semantics then call it as Mark as Dealt With / To Be Ignored / Not Interested In - Take your pick,

See Change swipe gestures: Remove NEW tag, then mark as played, then unplayed

“Mark as not interested” will be an additional state in the future, which is different from “played”.

But that is the problem I am reporting. It is not going from new to unplayed to played. It is only going from new to unplayed.

To be honest I do not get the pedantry over being marked as played only when it is actually played. It may have some value to big hosters who like to track what their subscribers are actually listening to but AP does not pass listening history data back anyway. Other than that it seems only if the user themselves wants to see how long they are actually listening as if it is some kind of game with merit awards for hitting targets.

I applaud the aim for clarity and lack of ambiguity but surely this can be achieved without making the user experience more confusing? The UI design mantra of making the simple things easy do simply should be borne in mind. Having to interact with an episode of no interest twice to get rid of it from the user’s ken fails that test.

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