Less aggressive auto-delete

App version: 3.3.2 (Google Play)

Sometimes I finish episodes accidentally, e.g. I fall asleep or connect to a bluetooth device without knowing etc. auto-delete deletes finished episodes immediately. It’s too aggressive.

Suggested solution:

Auto delete but always keep the most recent played podcast or delete 1 hour later or almost anything except immediately when it’s finished playing.

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:


One option you could try is using the sleep timer (Zs icon at the top of the playback screen). You can set a default length and even have it automatically activate if you play a podcast between the specified hours.

When I started using AntennaPod I had the same thought. Sometimes I’d accidentally skip ahead further than intended, which would delete that item and take me to the next item in my queue. I like how Google Podcasts (that I recently switched from) would delete played items after a day (or whatever time period that was) rather than instantly deleting played items. That was a configurable option.

Indeed. Skipping past the end of a podcast and being unable to go back is also something I have done.

I also had bluetooth earbuds that would connect to my phone sometimes when they were supposed to be charging (in fact I think my current ones will do exactly that if the case runs out of battery) and sometimes results in podcasts playing without me even knowing.

Immediate deletion is just too aggressive.

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I could see how your request would be helpful. I have had experiences where I accidentally forwarded an episode and wish it was not deleted.