Media player in the notification panel disappears

Whenever AntennaPod is interrupted by another media, it resumes perfectly but the player in the notification panel disappears. I can pause and hit play again to bring it back.

Version - 3.0.2 from Play Store running on Android 13 S22 Ultra.

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I have a similar issue but thought it might be a Samsung issue (Galaxy S10e with Android 12) because no issue on an older phone with stock Android 9 (Sony XZ1).

When playback is paused the lock screen controls (described as Music “widget” in the settings) disappear unless you expand one of the other notifications to see the full notification/settings menu. Then it reappears and you can resume playback.

EDIT: After more research I can see many people complaining about media controls on Samsung and it seems it’s expected behaviour. Does it reappear if you tap the clock?

Thank you for your response!

Mine doesn’t behave like you mentioned in the second paragraph but you’re right on assuming it’s a Samsung/One UI issue as my Pixel 2 demonstrate normal behaviour.

The only way to bring the ‘Media Player’ in the notification panel after an interruption is to manually open the app, pause and then play the podcast. It’s actually fine on the version prior to this, so something changed in 3.0 which doesn’t play nice with One UI.

I’ve tested with other apps (Podcast Addict, Podcast Republic) and they seem to do a better job of keeping the Music widget on the lockscreen (even if you’ve closed the front-end of those apps). That provides a workaround as pausing a podcast in another app keeps the Antennapod controls visible.

Found a long-running bug about disappearing controls on Github:

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I just tried both of the apps you mentioned and you’re right, their media widget stays even after being interrupted. By far, I think Pocket Casts is doing the best job of maintaining the widget and closing it only after an episode is done.

I looked into the issue and a couple of users are describing the problem I’m facing. I also found this forum post with the same problem Android 13 update causing issues with lock-screen and menu "miniplayer"


This issue was one that originally made me jump into the beta program when v3.0 was in beta…

Try going into Settings > User Interface; under External elements, make sure “Persistent playback controls” is enabled.

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