Monthly community call!

Sorry I couldn’t make it - Saturdays are often tricky, being the only day I can run errands. Thanks to @cos for the short summary.

I will provide some feedback (and a related idea I had in mind for some time) in the dedicated thread.

Was anything decided here? As the reporter (and as the task should be doable for non-coders too) I’d be happy to contribute a PR.

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Coming Saturday we have again another community call🤙
Some ideas on what to discuss:

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Hi @community-callers, please note that the next community call will be on Saturday, June 17th, not June 10th. Same time as usual, 6 PM CEST. Looking forward to seeing you there! :smiley:

Topics to be discussed, among others:

  • Contributor stickers
  • Pull request: Fix icon scrolling new #6479
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Quick reminder @community-callers for tonight’s call. Hope to see you there!

Hello @community-callers,
Part of the core team is busy and wouldn’t be able to make it to the community call scheduled this Saturday. And we figured that some of you might already be on holiday, or prefer joining a night out in summer time. We’re therefore cancelling the community calls in July and August.

More generally, we’ll take an AntennaPod-break until late August. Until then we’ll not be monitoring channels as closely and won’t spend much time on the project. After that we’ll be able to start afresh, and we hope to see you in the September community call!


Hi @community-callers,
September has started and the scheduled community call is upcoming. But it doesn’t work for everyone. So, when shall we meet instead? Vote here!

Also, what should we discuss?

  • Sleep timer: end of episode (conflict with ‘continuous playback’) #2146
  • Re-introduce tap-to-change speed selector (behind option) #6019
  • Notify user when a feed has failed to update multiple times #6609
  • Android toolbar oddly transparent when scrolling up in podcast detail view #6479
  • Allow to “Shake to reset” in sleep timer at any time during countdown (behind option) #4825 (PR: #6165)
  • Splitting up community meeting into ‘dev room’ & ‘community, UX & translations room’
  • Moving app translations from Transifex to Weblate
  • “Time slot” or “Time range” #6604
  • Fix fast-forward at end of episode #6074
  • ‘Refactor’ episode statuses & introduce ‘Ignored’ status #5237
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(Anything else? Leave a comment.)

@community-callers From the poll, the following seems the best option: Thursday, September 21, 2023 - 18:00 CEST So let’s mark that down in our calendars

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@community-callers The call will be today at 20:00 CEST (instead of 18:00), so you can still join :slight_smile:

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Sad that I only have 200 mbs of data left for the day :frowning:

Would this be an Audio call or Zoom call or something? And can an archive be accessed later tomorrow? Thanks

It’s on Jitsi, some participants with video and some without. We do not record the calls.

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When would the next meet be (approx)?

Usually monthly on Saturday (see first post), this time is an exception because of the holiday season

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Many thanks to the folks who joined today! What we discussed:

Next meeting will be again according to our regular schedule (on Saturday).

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Would it be at the usual time (18:00 CEST)?

Hi @Aman_Garg,
Yes, it’ll be the usual time. Slight change of plans, though: we’ll focus on translators & localisation :slight_smile: But you’re most welcome to join

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One last thing, what’s the Link to join the call? I couldn’t find any reference to that in this thread… Thanks

You can find the link in the first post of this thread:

And at the meeting page on the website (‘open meeting’):

And for your convenience, it’s here: Jitsi Meet :slight_smile:

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That’s aweasome! Thanks a lot :))

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