Monthly community call!


I was thinking about what we could discuss at the second community call. Here’s some ideas, but please do share your thoughts with a quick reply!

  • We’ve had some new people contributing in different ways. Let’s do a quick intro round!
  • As we have some folks that are contributing to small incremental design improvements such as this one, it’d be great to discuss how we could make those happen (both designed and developed).
  • Someone proposed to localise screenshots, with podcasts and episodes from their country. It’d be helpful to try and see if we agree on the list of what w can include and what not, and maybe see how we can automate the process.
  • We released 2.5 and already have enough improvements & features to start preparing for the next release! We can briefly discuss what, if anything, else might go in, and the steps for the process.

Well, I guess that’s already plenty for an hour. But I’m happy to drop my ideas to make room for yours! So please do share them below :slight_smile:

The call will take place at Saturday 9 April at 18:00 CEST, using AntennaPod’s Jitsi instance as before. Hope that timeslot works for everyone who wants to join. If another timeslot would be better, don’t hesitate let that know as well.

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Good list! An additional suggestion: how about discussing what remains to be done to allow the community to report broken feeds to publishers?

Also happy to discuss any non-coding tasks where the team could use some help.

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Great ideas @loucasal!

Topics for the community call on 2022-05-14:

This is a wiki post. Feel free to edit and add your own topics to be discussed.

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@community-callers In a few hours, we will have the next community call :slight_smile:

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How much is in a few hours? is the calendar time wrong? It appears as it will be tomorrow for me? or maybe “a few hours” mean one more day to you lol

9 hours from now. But I am also often not sure :wink:

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The time in the event above should be correct this time (we experienced a bug in the forum software for the first community call but that is worked around now). The call is at 6 PM, CEST. The time picker above should display other time zones when clicking it.

Would it be a good idea to ping the developer who started to implement multiple queues on his fork?
Last time I think when he learned there was a community call he said he would have wanted to participate but didn’t know.

I think @keunes was working on finding a day where both the designers and the developer have time. Not sure what’s the state of that.

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@community-callers We have another community call today :slight_smile:

Hi @community-callers,

This Saturday another community call is scheduled. ByteHamster & I will be present for sure - would be lovely to see some other folks join as well. Some things we can discuss:

  • quick updates on:
    • 10-year anniversary (incl. my to-do ^^)
    • the user research we’re running
    • visual identity developments
  • upcoming 2.7 release
  • bottom navigation proposal (related to bottom navigation forum thread)
  • progress of the Home screen (cc @ueen)

Sounds like a very interesting agenda. In the (likely) event I cannot connect, feel free to ping if there are tasks where help is needed! I have already completed the survey.

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A quick recap of yesterday’s call:

  • We had a new person join us so we did some introductions :slight_smile:
  • I did the updates I described above. Maybe to highlight one: visual identity developments.
    About 2 years ago we got a new logo (our current one). However, we have no SVG version and no monochrome version of it. As we don’t have the skills in the team to produce that and two community contributors made some progress but didn’t finish it, I contacted Freehive (who have made awesome videos for Gnome & Ubuntu). They very kindly agreed to help us out pro-bono as we’re a small community-driven open source project. We’ve met in a call 2 times to identify the goals/objectives, and will kick-start the actual process in 3 weeks (when I’m back from holiday). So by October or so we should have a slightly tweaked logo that is ready for any kind of use we imagine, as well as some brand guidelines (which will help me make visuals, e.g. for on social media).
  • Talking about the upcoming 2.7 release, we did some live-testing of the updated Episodes screen (using the awesome tool scrcpy). The screen update removes the Favourites tab and replaces it with a icon-button in the top bar to quickly toggle favourite filter - very nice! @ByteHamster noted some things to look at :slight_smile:
  • Continuing on the topic of filters, @terminalmage brought up the concept of Global filters, as a way to filter out played episodes pretty much everywhere. From discussions we concluded that such global filter should apply only to the individual podcasts screens (so not to Episodes), and identified the UX for ‘overriding’ global filters for a particular podcast. @terminalmage will create a GitHub issue for this.
  • We briefly touched upon Remember playback speed per Feed #5850. Conclusion: this will probably lead to unexpected behaviour. We’ll write an explanation and then close the feature request.
  • We discussed the bottom navigation proposal which I made in PenPot. I didn’t know but the bottom navigation bar is a standard component in Material Design 3. To have as little work as possible, we´ll stay close to the standard design (and I’ll update the proposal accordingly).

And that was it! We didn’t get to talk about the Home screen. An hour flies by!


Hey, sorry I missed the call, like that filters are back in the conversation, in my opinion a combination of home and some form of quickfilters might also remove the need for bottomnavigation, so I would work in that direction :slight_smile:
Let me know if you need further input, before the winter I won’t be able to code much unfortunately :confused:

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Hi @community-callers,

Coming Saturday there’s another meeting scheduled! Some things we can cover:

  • update on user research
  • plans/ideas for 2.8/3.0 release
  • feedback on the updated bottom navigation proposal & implementation plan/feasibility
  • ongoing discussions on standardised cross-app synchronisation (via APIs) cc @JonOfUs

And of course any other topic that’s brought up by anyone attending :slight_smile:

If this call is at the same time as last month (17:00 UTC) I will be at my son’s soccer game and won’t be able to make it. I was hoping to get some more eyes on a recent annoyance since the release of Android 13: [Android 13] Artwork sometimes does not update on notification drawer media player - #6 by terminalmage

I just opened a bug report on Github to track this: Android 13 notification area media player background image is not updating properly · Issue #6063 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

I’m happy to take a look at fixing this if I can be pointed at the right files to check.