'Needs: Decision' meeting updates

To work more transparently, everyone is invited to the Needs: Decision meeting held every two weeks, and to report back here on the forum on what was discussed in each.

Today, we decided the following:

  • We update the GitHub labels, mainly merging the ‘Type: Enhancement’ label with the ‘Type: Feature request’ label.
  • We automatically apply the ‘Needs: triage’ labels for new feature requests, which will be discussed in community calls and/or needs: decision meetings. (Then the label either just gets dropped or gets replaced by ‘Needs: decision’ if a longer discusion is required.)
  • We update the Developer documentation on the GitHub wiki as well as the PR template, in line with the above.
  • We would like to have grouping on all screens with episodes list except the Inbox. More details: Add grouping by podcast to downloads/inbox screens · Issue #6784 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub
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