No more Audio-Only playback of Videos?

App version: 2.0.2, from playstore

Android version: 10.0

Device model: Huawei CLT-L29

Expected behaviour: Dowbloaded Podcasts with video should play audio only (no video) when started directly from podcast list. So that the video-podcast can be listened to with locked phone. Used to work liked this for years.

Current behaviour: Podcast starts with video playback, making it impossible to lock the phone and listen to the audio. No settings found to change this.

First occurred:. About 2 weeks ago

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to desired podcast
  2. Click download button on right side of episode
  3. Wait for download to finish
  4. Click the paly button on the right of the episode, in the episode-list
  5. Now the episode starts with video, instead of audio only as before.

Environment: Nothing changed afaik, strongly assume it came with the update on 14.10.2020

Thanks guys!

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Actually, this is intended behavior. The reason is that many (especially new) users were confused about video podcasts not showing the video. They did not get that they need to tap the miniplayer to see it.

Have a look at Settings » Playback » Upon exiting video. If you set that to “Continue playing audio”, you can turn off the screen while video is playing.

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Yes that makes sense. OK, i found the settings, thanks a lot!

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