Old episodes missing (2)

I have the same problem as Old episodes missing but that thread is locked
In some of my podcasts, I don’t see the older episodes
One example is https://lubbershole.podbean.com/
It has 108 episodes (some are unnumbered), but I don’t see episodes 1-7, my list starts with episode 8.

From what I understand from the replies in the discussion I have linked, this is not a “bug” in AntennaPod but it depends on the podcast itself (I’ve noticed that the same thing happens in other desktop apps I use, such as MusicBee and Grover Podcast, so this is certainly the case).

Is there a solution for it? So I can see all the episodes in AntennaPod?

Thank you

As you already said, this depends on the podcast itself. Ask the podcaster to put all episodes in their feed or to support paged feeds.

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email the creator or consider creating your own RSS feeds taking the urls of the audio files, which is kinda annoying so maybe not

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