Old episodes missing

I only get episodes 213-334 of the In Defense of Plants Podacst

Searching for it it seems there is 2 links for this podcast. The other one (if you use search in app or search directly on podcast index) has episodes 118 to 217.
For rest of episodes the problem is that there seems to be no feeds for it. There is nothing AntennaPod can do about it.

As a side note I don’t think your issue was with Android Auto which is what this thread is about. If it actually it wasn’t please next time do not hesitate to open a new thread. :smiley:

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@ByteHamster I found something interesting ! On Listen Notes I saw that you could go back to older episodes and wondered how it was possible.

=> so I wondered if there could be a limit to an rss feeds or some kind of paginations. And actually about the podcast @brettpim asked about you can get older episodes using these links :
=> last one get you up to episode 1 !

I tested on Podcast Addict and it behave as AntennaPod (letting you access only page 1)
=> maybe it could be a good idea to test if podcast rss is a paginated one and try to grab additional page ? @brettpim in a way you were right, all info is not loaded but I guess this kind of things is not normal behaviour ?

I moved the messages to a new thread.

AntennaPod already checks if the feed supports pagination and then automatically loads older pages when scrolling down. Unfortunately, that feed does not declare that it supports pagination - so AntennaPod would have to wildly guess parameters. Proper podcast feeds use the following tag to indicate that they support pagination:

<link rel="next"
  href="https://www.indefenseofplants.com/podcast?format=rss&page=2" />
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thanks for all this detective work. I have let the podcaster know about the RSS tag fix.