Option to have only the latest episode

Can a subscription be set such that only the latest episode is flagged as new and downloaded, and when a newer one is put out, the previous one is deleted? For instance, I subscribe to an hourly news bulletin. When I have opportunity to listen I only want to listen to the latest episode.

Another low priority “nice to have”. Thanks for considering it or putting it on your “one day maybe list”!

I am increasing the priority of this request from my original “nice-to-have” (ie cosmetic) to low (ie an issue with a workaround). I request that it be seriously considered.

My Queue is filling with multiple episodes that are redundant, when only the latest is of value.

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Similar issue brought up in “Auto delete old unplayed episodes” by @jbohn - I am not alone!

I have a far-from-perfect workaround.The podcast is an hourly news bulletin, which I normally listen to once a day at a specific time (ie when I take the dog out at noon!). Using “Episode Filter” I have only the episode with that time in the title downloaded. Works fine except if fills up “New Episodes” with the non-downloaded ones - and on the days I take the dog earlier or later!