Option to have only the latest episode

Can a subscription be set such that only the latest episode is flagged as new and downloaded, and when a newer one is put out, the previous one is deleted? For instance, I subscribe to an hourly news bulletin. When I have opportunity to listen I only want to listen to the latest episode.

Another low priority “nice to have”. Thanks for considering it or putting it on your “one day maybe list”!

I am increasing the priority of this request from my original “nice-to-have” (ie cosmetic) to low (ie an issue with a workaround). I request that it be seriously considered.

My Queue is filling with multiple episodes that are redundant, when only the latest is of value.

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Similar issue brought up in “Auto delete old unplayed episodes” by @jbohn - I am not alone!

I have a far-from-perfect workaround.The podcast is an hourly news bulletin, which I normally listen to once a day at a specific time (ie when I take the dog out at noon!). Using “Episode Filter” I have only the episode with that time in the title downloaded. Works fine except if fills up “New Episodes” with the non-downloaded ones - and on the days I take the dog earlier or later!

Just noticed this in my ‘unread’ list on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re indeed not the only one to request this. There’s been an issue on GitHub for this for quite some time, with quite a few thumb-ups:


Thanks @keunes! Reading through the GitHub I see that the request is part of a much more involved issue involving download space, global settings, etc. and has been discussed (to death?) since 2016! I guess that means that I won’t hold my breath as it probably won’t be addressed in the next few releases. Nonetheless, in my specific case for news podcasts it would be very nice to have and perhaps would satisfy some of the various users demand.


It has, haha. I´m hoping this would be implemented at some point, also. But as a non-developer, there’s not much more I can do than hope and wait :slight_smile:

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My main reason for this feature would be daily podcasts.

As stated in the issue thread, I implemented Added new cleanup option: when not favorited by spacecowboy · Pull Request #4693 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub
which at least makes sure that AntennaPod keeps downloading the latest episode and deletes the older ones to make space.

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