Auto delete old unplayed episodes

App version: 2.1.2 (F-Droid)

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
I am mainly listening to news like podcasts and intend to auto-download ~25 episodes. If I don’t listen for a few days the 25 episodes are full with old news and I would need to manually clear the queue/storage episode by episode. [Or I am blind and don’t see the feature]

Suggested solution:
An option in the auto delete menu to always download the newest episodes and delete the oldest unplayed episodes.
One could also consider adding an exception list for some podcasts for which you don’t want to miss an episode, but that wouldn’t be necessary for me, could be cool for other listeners.


This is similar to the topic I raised " Option to have only the latest episode". I suggest that it be seriously considered as, like @jbohn I find this troublesome.

I have a far-from-perfect workaround that may be of help, @jbohn. In my case the podcast is an hourly news bulletin, which I normally listen to once a day at a specific time (ie when I take the dog out at noon!). Using “Episode Filter” I have only the episode with that time in the title downloaded. Works fine except if fills up “New Episodes” with the non-downloaded ones - and on the days I take the dog earlier or later!

I was just looking for an option like “delete old episodes after X days” in preferences/memory.

My use case is the following: I follow several podcasts. So I download more podcasts than I actually have time to listen to. The result is that I have episodes around that are many months old and which I will most likely never play. It would be nice if the app would delete old episodes, which I have not added to the favorites, after X days for me. X should be user configurable.

This would be really great.

p.s. This is something entirely else than to keep only the latest episode, which is something I wouldn’t like.

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I understand your need @tomel, however I believe it is a completely different request than this one by @jbohn and the one I submitted, whose common “use case” is news podcasts. Nonetheless, I can see its merit and suggest that you make a new separate “Feature Request”, perhaps titled as you yourself wrote


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