Playback control with 3 button (cable) headset

Hi all,

I’m using Antennapod for some time now, coming from using gpodder to download the episodes and “MortPlayer Audio Book” to play them.

The only thing am missing in Antennapod (besides the manual download process and suffling around mp3 files 8–) ist the playback controls Mortplayer provides.

With Mortplay you can control playback by pressing the playbutton on the headset multiple time.
Single press is start/stop naturally.
For 2/3/4/5 click sequences you can define various actions such as skip back/forward n seconds, next/previous track, …
Especially when driving a car or bicycle it’s very helpful to have at least the skip back/forward control without the need to fiddle around with the smartphone (savely tucked away in the backpack).

Not sure if something like that could also be implemented for bluetooth headset, which normally only have a “skip track back/forward” buttons. But that should probably a separat topic

If searched the forum for similar topics, but found none so far (perhaps the wrong search terms?).

Hi and welcome to the forum!

You are right, this has not been requested here but the forum is pretty new :slight_smile: The feature is already on our list on the development platform. Just for reference, I added a link below.

AntennaPod is developed by volunteers in our free time. While some developers have already implemented the basic feature, nobody has brought it to completion, yet. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a lot of movement, recently. If you can write code or know someone who can, we are always happy about help :slight_smile:

Thanks ByteHamster, should have search the Issues an github too.

As mentioned above MortPlayer Audio Books does 2/3/4/5 button press flawlessly.
Perhaps the author would be willing to share the technique he uses (especially because the app has not been updated since 2012 :sunglasses:

We already have a proof-of-concept that works. The hard part is to make the code easy to understand, so that it can be maintained more easily. Also, the settings should be understandable by users.