Podcasts stops

Antennapod 3.4.0

Android 14

Realme gt

Expected behaviour:
Worked great with 3.3.2

Current behaviour:
All podcasts start as expected but after some time it stops and after some time it launch an error and suggest to download it. I always use the streaming option.

First occurred:
Since updated. I had to


[if available]
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I believe I’ve seen this too. New user with 3.4.0 (so can’t compare to earlier versions). Pixel 8 Pro (Android 14).

Also streaming. Plays for awhile then stops with a pop-up. The pop-up reappears if I “OK”, then “Play”.

I can then download it and it plays.

Welcome to the AntennaPod family.
I likewise have a Pixel 8 Pro with Android 14 but I don’t remember seeing this. I nearly always download episodes rather than streaming.

I have the same issue on my Samsung Galaxy S23. It happens every day and when the error pops up, I can switch to another podcast that works but switching back gives the error again. Shutting down the app and reopening it, does not solve it. The only thing that works is force stop the app and clear the cache. After that I can finally finish listening. Very annoying and especially while I’m driving.

There is a debug version available for testing if you’d like. Basically, download and install the test version. Export your database from the production version. Import that database into the test version. Your settings won’t transfer (unless I missed a step) but all pods and play history will come right over to test. You should be up and running in just a minute or two. When you’re done testing, export that database from the test version, import it into the production version and you’ll be back to normal.

You can’t export your database from the test version and import into the release version. It only works one-way for testing

Since this is a duplicate of the report @richardeid linked to, I’ll close this one.
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