Podnews warns for AntennaPod clone

  • Caution: A version of Overcast appears to be on the Google Play store for Android users. It isn’t Overcast: it’s the codebase for AntennaPod with lots of ads thrown in, and just uses the Overcast logo and name. We’d recommend PocketCasts if you’re looking for a decent podcast player.

Podnews podcasting news: The rise of the smart speaker https://podnews.net/audio/podnews210713.mp3?_from=antennapod.org#t=137 [00:02:17]

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This is the one: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=xsmart.podcasts.podcast.overcast

There is no more ‘about’ screen, and so this is a blatant violation of the license. Let’s see what to do next.

This is their ‘privacy policy’ : Overcast (which also has been copied from us)

I was wondering if I should ask them for their source code (as required by the GPL) but I don’t really want to hand out my email address…

If someone has gone to the effort of cloning and rebranding AP, then it’s quite possible that they are also reading this forum.

Therefore you may wish to discuss your next moves somewhere less public

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True. At the same time: if they read along, realise that their in wrongdoing, and stop their actions, we’ve reached our goal.

But you’re right. I’m already following up.

What would be helpful, is if someone could help determine which AntennaPod version exactly they have taken. There are a few pointers, like the fact that there are tabs in the player screen, and the search doesn’t have PodcastIndex support. This is very important information, e.g. to determine which license applied to the code then. So if anyone is up for a detective task, let me know :slight_smile:

The app was removed from the store. I guess the overcast developers filed a complaint.


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