Possibly a way to get podcast comments?

It would be awesome to implement a basic comment section either underneath the show notes or another page to the right of the show notes. I’m not sure that this is feasible because there would have to be a server to host that type of thing. I do think it would set the app apart from other players though.

Hi @BigB12, welcome to the AntennaPod forum! :slight_smile: If you want, you’re warmly invited to reply to this thread here.

So, to reply to your feature request: if you’re thinking about comments like they exist on blogs, then yes, that’d be very difficult. Exactly because of the infrastructure you already mention. Our project does not have the resources to set up such infrastructure, and also I don’t think it is in the app’s scope to deliver such experience.

That said, on a higher/larger scale, it’d be interesting to have (audio) comments on episodes, just like often it’s possible to comment on blogs. But then I think it would be the podcast maker who decides if that’s enabled on their podcast. And a new standard would have to be developed for this - nothing of the sort exists at this point. Theoretically, it could be developed under/from the ActivityPub standard.

However, I personally don’t really feel such a need. Why did you propose it? What do you think you would gain from it?

(On a side note: there have been requests to add the option to add notes to episodes, but they’d be for each user individually/locally)

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@keunes I figured that it wouldn’t be possible. I proposed it because I think it would be interesting to have a smaller community and have discussions about them in freely and openly. It would also be cool to find other users that listen to the same things as you do that aren’t centralized like a subreddit or something of that nature. Idk. I just thought it might be cool.

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Well, it’s always good to dream :wink:

Actually in a distant future this might be implemented through gPodder.net and/or podcastindex.org.

I love the idea and agree we should wait for a more commonly hosted comment platform.