How are you part of the AntennaPod community?

We love the AntennaPod community, how do others stay connected?

Here is what I do

  • Discourse app to connect to
  • Read the issues and pull requests on GitHub using OctoDroid and respond when I can add value
  • When I can, I submit pull requests to fix small bugs and fearures in the AntennaPod source code

What others do?

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The by far most active place for participation is currently GitHub. The mailing list was pretty much dead (only support requests, no active community). In the near future, I would love to see the forum being more active and leave GitHub primarily for development. Let’s see how that works.

For some decisions (do we want to have a forum, etc), I talked to the other maintainer (mfietz), who is not really active anymore. @keunes and I exchanged some emails about the process for the icon redesign. Maybe we should do something like this publicly in the future.

After we have the new icon, we might get a new website for announcements. I have already talked to a designer but the details should probably not be announced before the work is actually started.


Hi @tonytamsf
Thanks for joining here and the good question :smiley:

To introduce myself: I just checked and I’m active in the community since 2015 ^^
I think I started with Dutch translations, and I still do that. Along the road I started to get involved with issues (like you do, I read issues & share my thoughts) and try & help in the Google Group (though as a platform I find that horrible, so I’m very happy that we now have Discourse!). And now I’m also helping out by organising the logo process.

Unfortunately I can’t code, so I can’t currently help out here. But in the back of my mind I still want to do a course at some point :stuck_out_tongue:


Had to search for my first reported issue and it seems I am following AntennaPod since 2013.
I wanted an option so you can choose which language to use and ended up I think to be the main french translator.

I try to help testing by reporting issue.
Finally I am also voicing my opinion on suggested features / improvement hoping that when exchanging thoughts it ends up in a well thought feature / improvement. (At least I hope it does)

All in all I listen a lot to AntennaPod (coming back from work, while shopping, …) and I love it. :smile:


Oh nice, I really like the idea of introducing ourselves! Maybe we could even create an official thread for that purpose. You can add a user description on Discourse, so adding it there is probably nice, too.

Looks like you both started working on AntennaPod a lot earlier than me. I did my first pull request in 2016 (statistics screen). I began contributing regularly in 2017. After meeting the old maintainer (mfietz) in person at the 34C3 congress, I somehow became the maintainer.

By the way, the C3 congress is really nice if you have time between christmas and new year. There’s usually an F-Droid meeting with many developers of open-source Android apps like K-9 Mail, Conversations, Öffi, Nextcloud, MicroG (and AntennaPod). Not sure if it will be the same this year, though (pandemic).


I never went there, but always try to go to & volunteer for FOSDEM. It’s in my now-hometown & interesting also for non-coders. So if anyone ever goes there (or would like to), do let me know!

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