Prevent episodes from being automatically deleted from the queue

Can I prevent episodes from being automatically deleted from the queue when they finish playing?


In Settings | Downloads there are ‘Auto delete’ and ‘Delete removes from queue’ toggles. A combination of those toggles might accomplish what you are wanting to do.

I only see the automatic delete setting

Isn’t it the last toggle, Eliminar quita de la cola? Running that through Google Translate results in…

Thank you very much for your help :slight_smile:

I don’t understand. I do want it to be removed from the queue when I delete a downloaded file. What I don’t want is for it to be removed from the queue when a podcast finishes playing.
I have unchecked that one but when the episode ends in the queue it is automatically deleted from the queue.

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Sounds like there currently may not be a combination of settings that meet your needs. Sorry.

I believe this is the 4th feature request I’ve seen containing the same request to not remove a played podcast from the queue. Unfortunately nobody has indicated the rationale for the request.

Played podcasts are shown in Playback History. What is the reason for the unintuitive request to not remove a played podcast from the queue?

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Thank you. For example, I schedule the shutdown for half an hour, I have 3 episodes of 10 or 15 minutes, if I fall asleep, all the episodes are deleted and I have to add them again. This usually happens to me with a single episode, maybe it has 10 minutes left, I program it to turn off after 15 minutes, but I fall asleep before I can hear the episode completely. Then I have to manually add the episode back to the queue to listen to it normally and have the next one start when it ends.

Another reason, I simply want to be able to choose when I listen to an episode. The app has no way of knowing if I have listened to the episode or need to listen to it again, it only knows that it has played it, but it does not know if I have listened to it and I want to delete it. That’s why I think there should be the option to leave them grayed out when you’ve played them, but let me delete them manually when I no longer want to have them in the queue.

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Would definitely want this as a toggle or option of some type. Your use case is very specific and I would want to make sure there is an easy way to make sure I could turn off/keep off the functionality you are talking about if it where ever implemented. Would make sense to make any functionality similar to what you are talking about “opt in”.


Of course it is the initial request, that it be an option, just as there is a selector for downloaded ones

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I would really like to see this feature added.