An option to choose whether to automatically remove episodes from the queue when finished

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As they have indicated to me in the post

There is no way to prevent episodes from being deleted from the queue when they end. This is very negative for me and incompatible with scheduled shutdown, since many times the episode ends when I have already fallen asleep, or I simply want to listen to it again. But as it is now, the episodes are deleted from the queue and you have to go to the downloads to add them again manually.

Suggested solution:
In the settings, set the option to not delete the episodes from the queue when they finish.

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In settings download I think you can disable remove automatically which should do what you want.

No, he does not do it. No matter how you set the download settings, the episodes are deleted from the queue when they finish playing.

The played podcasts show in Playback History. You can also play an episode again from there if desired. Please explain what you are trying to accomplish with this request.

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I reply at:

Wow, I was wrong. and this was where I wanted to continue the thread. Since it is a feature request.

The answer was:

Thank you. For example, I schedule the shutdown for half an hour, I have 3 episodes of 10 or 15 minutes, if I fall asleep, all the episodes are deleted and I have to add them again. This usually happens to me with a single episode, maybe it has 10 minutes left, I program it to turn off after 15 minutes, but I fall asleep before I can hear the episode completely. Then I have to manually add the episode back to the queue to listen to it normally and have the next one start when it ends.

Another reason, I simply want to be able to choose when I listen to an episode. The app has no way of knowing if I have listened to the episode or need to listen to it again, it only knows that it has played it, but it does not know if I have listened to it and I want to delete it. That’s why I think there should be the option to leave them grayed out when you’ve played them, but let me delete them manually when I no longer want to have them in the queue.

Please let me know if the reason for the request is understood.

Thank you

It is clear now, thank you.

Personally I understand the rationale. But rather than introducing (yet another) global setting, I think it is better (if implemented) to do it only in context of the sleep timer. E.g. like “Prevent finished episodes from being deleted or removed from queue”
This could show up in the sleep timer dialog, so it’s clear it’s only active in that specific context.

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I really like this idea of a context-specific option. That way it doesn’t add clutter or confusion in the global settings, potentially raising further questions here in the forums.

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I would prefer to be able to choose that they never be deleted. It often happens when you listen to it working or because you get distracted that you need to listen to it again.

Do you never have to turn back because you need to listen to something again? If this happens at the end of the episode, it will be permanently deleted.

An extra option for the timer sounds good to me, but it’s not what encouraged the creation of this feature request. And not at the cost of not being able to choose that they are never automatically deleted.

As for creating confusion, a great detail of text about what each selector does would, in my opinion, help fewer people come to ask questions on the forum. Those who ask because they don’t want to read or try things, I suppose they will also come to ask things that could be easily understood or proven.

A description of the button that says: “Never delete episodes from the queue after finishing playing them.” I think it wouldn’t leave much room for doubt.

Thank you for your attention

Isn’t this what the playback history is for? There the episode is directly on top then, instead of having to search through the long list of downloads


It still seems like a bad feature to me that the episodes delete themselves and have to search for them anywhere. It seems to me the most reasonable that the user can decide when they have heard them. And from what I see in this and other threads I’m not the only one.

What’s more, I think that by default they should not be deleted, and for them to delete themselves, that selector that I ask for in this thread must be set to activated :slight_smile:

In any case, it is a good note, while as the episodes inevitably erase themselves. Thank you

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Hi! I’m looking for an alternative podcast app (current one’s broken) and am trying out AntennaPod, and I’d just like to say:
This is a major thing that’ll potentially make me not use it. It’s not about a sleep-timer, but rather it’s unnecessary busy-work when managing downloads (I do not drain my data streaming podcasts) and the app pushes you to use the queue differently than the team seems to be imagining?

In my previous app downloads are automatically sortable by Podcast, chronologically, where-as here it is just a random chronological list of files mixed together. That leaves the queue the only place to have them in a playlist. I’ve never wanted my playlists to decide to remove things based on having listened to them. Ever. On top of not seeing any case when I’d want auto-removal, not the other way around: It makes me have to go into separate menus to delete the files. No UI should aim to add several unnecessary new steps. I have it so delete removes from queue, which would indicate that I want to be able to delete the file from the queue; not a separate “Recently Played” or the unsorted Downloads. What’s the point of hiding the swipe-to-remove from me like that?

If the team is seeing the queue as something completely different and ephemeral… then I have no use for it at all separate from my downloads, if they were sortable as chronological groups (though others probably want to have non-downloads included; but that’s still the playlist usecase) and the button wasn’t Delete instead of Play there.


This is an interesting statement to me and I think brings to light the very different ways different people consume their podcasts.

I’ll say up front, I listen to multiple podcasts daily, but I only listen to 12 actual podcasts total. Most weekly, some bi-weekly or monthly and just one that is a new episode daily.

For me, I absolutely want played/listened to episodes to be auto-removed (assuming we are talking about the same thing) and when the downloaded episode is deleted it is removed from my queue.

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I am starting to think that while such users can use AP to keep track of and download new episodes of podcasts they want to keep in perpetuity they may want to consider using a different media player for repeat listening of these podcasts. For example, I use VLC and SABP for such listening patterns and use a podcast app such as AP for the far more common and usual ephemeral listening I do.

I tend to agree. It’s been interesting to see some of the use cases for the newer users of AP. I’m biased but as an existing AP user, some of these use cases as you say seem to indicate a different app may be a better fit as I wouldn’t want to see the core design of AP change in any noticeable way. For me, it’s a pretty perfect fit for my use case.

A few of the things that have been asked about I could potentially see the benefit of making a toggle that is user controlled but then you start approaching feature creep and more challenging maintenance situations.

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I don’t keep episodes in perpetuity, even if I go back to things (if it’s been a while, if I was out of it and didn’t process information fully, or to put on in the background to share something interesting with my wife). I want control over how to manage my files without some automatic process butting in and deciding for me when I want them removed from a playlist. Why would AP not support relistening to shows? That seems a very arbitrary constraint for something that’d be solved by simply not automating a behaviour.

Like I said: even when I do want to remove them soon after it makes that a bigger nuisance, not easier, since it hides the file to simply swipe delete on. I don’t see why that’s made easier by telling me to download an archive of files separately, transfer them to my phone, and play them using VLC? This queue behaviour is strange bedfellows with “Don’t delete played episode”+“Delete removes from queue” and I know which direction I think is improved coherent design. Keep files & lists consistent, and if you don’t want things auto-removed, you don’t want things auto-removed. Peas in a pod, not bloat.

(That aside, VLC has been hallucinating a file in its widget that I haven’t played/had since two phones ago and sometimes it adds that show’s thumbnails to random files. Not sure about their android app. ^_^; )

I’m not trying out the app thinking “Ah, but these other apps are much better in every way for me!” and posting anyway. They have clear UX failings and I like things about AntennaPod and would love for the opensource app I found to be the one.

I just worry that this specific quirk is going to get very grating since it’ll keep happening. For instance just now I listened to a two-part series on a topic, so I could swipe to delete part 2, but part 1 I have to jump back and over to downloads and find in there to delete. If it just didn’t remove it, that’s less friction immediately. Most podcasts I listen to are multiple parts and would have that happen, nor do I want to lose control over file deletion.

I was speaking to the fact that given your specific use case, maybe AP isn’t the solution. I don’t disagree with having certain things user “definable” or toggle able, and suggesting feature requests is always something that should be available.

I’m just saying your specific use case may be in the minority and the development team (I’m just a user) probably has to prioritize things in some way.

Like I said, I’m lucky, the way AP currently works fits exactly with my use case. When I finish playing a podcast, I want it automatically deleted and my queue kept clean. If I want to keep something to share with my wife I simply don’t play it all the way to the end and stays in my queue and I move it in my queue to the bottom until I get a chance to share it with my wife.

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There is still something not logical for me. I didn’t search more about it but there is a setting in download to toggle of auto delete after an episode is ended. Which seems exactly what recently some people asked.

Yet when I tested it, it didn’t work. Is it a bug or maybe it’s intended only for episodes auto downloaded? If so it’s not obvious and I believe it should work for all episodes.

I don’t understand why the people who want the played episodes to be automatically deleted from the queue object to those of us who don’t want that to happen, as it turns out there aren’t so few of us, having the option of not having them deleted.

It is an OPTION for those who do not want them to be deleted. For those who want them erased, nothing will change. I really don’t understand your totalitarian position so that the episodes delete themselves and that you want to prevent other people from choosing not to delete them.

No, it is not a Matth78 malfunction, there is no option to prevent them from deleting themselves.