Problem with specific podcast

Always been so, reporting just now:
Following this podcast I do not get new items in the most newest items list, probably because it appears during Monday for podcast from Saturday = can understand that it is somewhere down in list
But checking notification for new items in podcast settings AP does not notify me at all = maybe this already is general problem and also clients of other podcasts sometimes do not get some notifications too.
Here it is clearly reproducible = hopefully fixable easily

Pálenica Borisa Filana

RSS adresa: Pálenica Borisa Filana

Just now I was copying two mp3 files from cloud to local folder. During that time AP was refreshing podcasts. One of file (already copied) was added to list, second (its copying did not finish) was not visible. So i refreshed list of podcasts again but second file (already copied) did not appear. Going to subscriptions, opening local folder AP follows, file was there so i was able to add it to my playlist from there. Here helped that I knew there are two files, in common podcasts I’m already not sure If i did not miss some.

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