Profiles, Personas, or Groups

I listen to podcasts in themed groups. For instance, news, technology, career, leisure, etc.

I really like AntennaPod for its features, UI, and configurability. However, I haven’t found a way to manage different podcast groups in AntennaPod.

As an example I’d like to have a Queue, Subscriptions, and specific settings (default playback speed and sort order, for instance) for news podcasts that are separate from leisure podcasts.

Presently, I use AntennaPod for one group and separate players for other groups. I’d much prefer to use AntennaPod for all of them.

I propose adding the ability to create profiles (or personas, groups, if you prefer one of those labels).

In terms of UI, a “Profile” button could be added to the top of the hamburger menu. A “Profile” screen would allow for managing profiles (adding, renaming, removing). You can look at Brave Browser’s Profiles, as an example.

I really like AntennaPod and would use it for everything podcast-related if I could. I think with profiles would greatly enhance the configurability of AntennaPod.

Note: I believe this is different than just grouping podcasts as mentioned here:

I think adding profiles creates greater flexibility and capability than grouping podcasts and may address several of the use cases of podcast grouping.

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Hi @LoopedLine
Thanks for chipping in with this request. In the forum thread you linked, you can see that the feature to group podcasts by self-created tags was released in AntennaPod version 2.3. This tagging functionality will get improved over time, I’m sure.

There have been discussions already about what else can be done using those tags, such as indeed queues and playback speed, as you mentioned. How that will shape out, we’ll see. But I do think that the tags will be the basis for it (because a ‘profile’ in a way is also just a some kind of label applied to a podcast, on a technical level).

User-definable queues have been requested by quite a few people since quite a long time:

Tags will probably a role there. And regarding automatic downloading, discussed in Proposal for Auto Download Redesign, there might also very well be a role for tags.

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I tried to do some searching before posting but I missed the full context. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.

I’ll look more into the tagging feature to see if that addresses my use case as well.

Thank you for the reply and, moreover, for the work you do on this project. I know I have benefited from it.

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I’ve been looking for something to work on and have been browsing the discussions around the idea of user-defined queues. Your suggestion that tags play a role has me thinking about a solution built on the idea of filtering the queue list from a new menu item, “filter”, where the user can select which tags they want to include in the queue.

To implement a filter, I’m thinking the users filter setting could be stored and used somewhere between querying the database for the queue list and loading the queue list into the recycler view.

Before I put any time into working on this, I’ll wait for feedback on if this is already being worked on by others already or how it might best be implemented.