📰 Proposed press release for version 3.0 - feedback welcome!

Has been a little challenging to keep it under approximately the same length and keeping it all.
I think it’s ok but feel free to comment of course ! I will myselft have a look back in 2/3 days to see if I am still satisfied ! :wink:
AntennaPod releases home screen in new version - Fr.pdf (179.4 KB)

Hmmm I modified the extension to the docx files so I could upload it. And weirdly it seems to have stripped my added .pdf… Well it doesn’t matter but maybe sharing that will be usefull to others (?)
AntennaPod releases home screen in new version - Fr.docx.pdf (173.8 KB)

Edit :silly me, updated the wrong files… :sweat_smile:

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Had already have the time to proof read it.

I mainly corrected some typos, and the part about the brand refresh which was not good enough. Didn’t notice at first since as it uses a lot of words close in meaning refresh / update / evolution while keeping it short so it all still fit on one page. Miles better now.

Well that’s it for me :wink:

AntennaPod releases home screen in new version - Fr - V2.pdf (173.8 KB)
AntennaPod releases home screen in new version - Fr - V2.docx.pdf (173.6 KB)

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Thanks a lot @Matth78!
I don’t want to be annoying, but it seems you translated the version without the tracked changes. Following @loucasal’s feedback I cut it down a bit.
Can I ask you to check if you can see the tracked changes from this version? Maybe the tracked changes didn’t come through with the software changes (I used LibreOffice but saved in docx format).

Sorry :grimacing:

Damn, I think I took files in the main post which must not have been updated… :sob:
Would check in the next few days

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At least you have tracked changes, so you can see what should be updated - no need to start from scratch. Sorry!

IT translation attached (PDF only as I couldn’t upload other formats).
AntennaPod adds home screen in 3.0 release IT.pdf (185.1 KB)

As usual, I tried to avoid translating too closely in favour of what sounded more natural in the target language.

@keunes When translating, I noticed a couple of other things (sorry for spotting them only now):

  • The term ‘podcasting’ (both in IT and in EN) seems to refer to podcast creation more than podcast listening, so I wouldn’t call AntennaPod a ‘podcasting app’ in the title.
  • ‘Podcasting 2.0’ is usually capitalised as far as I can see.
  • On the date at the start: I guess the press release would be binned as yesterday’s news if it is dated too far in the past. I assume you will replace it in all languages when sending it out? Based on the discussion, it is an arbitrary date anyway.
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I prefer to refer to apps used to listen to podcasts as podcatchers but I am not sure that is in popular use since the explosion of the platform amongst the public at large.

Luckily :wink:
Just finished !

AntennaPod releases home screen in new version - Fr - V3.pdf (173.4 KB)
AntennaPod releases home screen in new version - Fr - V3.docx.pdf (175.6 KB)

  • I stumbled over the word “Start-Bildschirm”. Wouldn’t “Startbildschirm” be more common?
  • “Eine weitere Änderung, ist das aktualisierte App-Symbol” Should there really be a comma?
  • “eine bessere Verteilung der Episoden wenn in der Warteschlange die intelligente Zufallswiedergabe verwendet wird” I think there should be a comma before “wenn”

No problem, thanks for sharing them!

Indeed. The idea is to put the date when it’s available both on Google Play & F-Droid and send it out then.

Thanks @ByteHamster! Corrected German version attached.

AntennaPod mit neuem Startbildschirm in Version 3.0.pdf (108.6 KB)

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I translated the document into spanish, so I’ll upload my translated version here:
AntennaPod adds home screen in 3.0 release ES-no-changes.pdf (122.6 KB)

I didn’t have the same font, so libreoffice rendered it with the default one. It wouldn’t be a problem for me to send the odt file, but I’m not allowed to upload it.



Hi @delthia,

Awesome, thanks! Sorry for not replying earlier. It seems we’re ready for the real release now - would you mind sending me the odf indeed? [username]@mailbox.org


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