Refresh continuously

Hello dear technicians.

Since the newest update a few days ago, my app cant stop refreshing all my podcasts, all the time.
This is completely NOT necessary and it eats all my battery within 1-2 hours.
It was not the case before, and there is no stop button anywhere for this.

Urgent help needed.
Susan, in Germany.

What is your Refresh podcasts setting in Settings | Downloads? For example, I have mine set to every 4 hours. Not saying that is the source of the problem but knowing what your setting is currently at may help determine if this is a repeatable bug.


Thank you for answering.
My setting is never.
I refresh only when I choose, i.e. when I open Antennapod, proactively.
I found this solution for now : I cut WiFi+ mobile connection completely. After 2-3 min I had an error message.
When I was connected again, the refreshing had stopped.

As a first stab at fixing this I suggest doing a Force Stop and Clear Cache (do not Clear Memory).

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If you encounter the issue again, take a screen shot of the message, it will be helpful when troubleshooting the issue.

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At some point the option ‘Time of day’ refresh option was removed, but I wonder when (I can’t find back the relevant PR). I wanted to double-check which option users were moved to at that point.

They were moved to the default, which I’m pretty sure is “every 12 hours”

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