Request to add the language Danish on Weblate

For the screenshot-titles component

@femmdi could you have a look at this please? FYI the screenshot creation script is now here: GitHub - AntennaPod/StoreMetadata: Descriptions and screenshots on Google Play and F-Droid

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@ERYpTION : Danish is available now for the screenshot-titles component on Weblate

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Given that screenshot titles are still somewhat fragile, please notify us when you are done, so we can generate them and see if they fit into the image

Done. A few of them I couldn’t translate directly into Danish, but I’ve tried to do it so that the message is the same. :slightly_smiling_face:

Here are the screenshots with Danish titles - I had to add a line break on the one for tablet as otherwise the text won’t fit.

Looks good to me :+1:

Does this mean that the script needs to be updated to support this?


Thanks also from my side. Checking some things on Weblate, we realised that you actually translated the screenshot texts before!

There are some differences there with your most recent translations that you added directly on Weblate. For example: the ‘old’ translations for the tablet screenshot fit on one line, where the new one takes two lines (which is still fine). And the first screenshots said ‘favoritpodcasts’ and is now translated as ‘yndlingspodcasts’.

What do you think - is there any any approach from your old translations that you would prefer over your newer translations?

CC @femmdi @ByteHamster

We’re sorry for not moving your earlier work to Weblate!

I did have a sense of deja vu doing them. Now I know why :grinning:

Looking at the old and new translations I prefer the new ones. I think the differences are mostly there because this time I made translations that maybe don’t match the original text as closely word for word but instead sound a little more natural in Danish.

In the old ones I translated ‘downloads’ with ‘overførsler’. Probably because the Danish proofreader (on the Transifex-team) has been adamant we don’t use any English words. However, (in my opinion) ‘overførsler’ is not really the same as ‘downloads’ but rather means ‘transfers’. Of course it could be argued that in the context of AntennaPod users probably know that it is not about uploads. I’ll let you decide :wink:


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