Review of the Danish website preview

Dear community,

@ERYpTION has been so kind to fully translate the website into Danish, on Weblate. Just like we are doing with French, it would be great to have someone who is happy to go through a preview of the in Danish translated website.

By reading the translated website (and seeing translations in context) it is easier to see if some improvements might need to be made.

Interested? Let me know in this thread!


Sure, would love doing that.

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Thanks @sebastian for offering help! You can find the site here:

Are you familiar with Weblate/would you be ok to get familiar with it? (To know if you would want to make any potential changes yourself, or if someone else should take care of that and you just post feedback here.)

When reviewing the main pages, please remember that it is more important that the texts sound good than to have a literal translation.


Just a note on the website translation for any proofreaders:
I have of course tried to be careful to match the website translations with the app. However in a few instances some terms might not match the ones seen in the latest app release. For example ‘Episodes’ in the website translation is ‘Afsnit’ but is ‘Udsendelser’ in the current app (2.4.2). This is because after some discussion at my request (for the app translation) we decided ‘Afsnit’ is the better translation. However the corrected app translation has not yet made its way to the app store. So if you come across any terms (I don’t remember if there are more than that one) that don’t match the app translation just know that it may be on purpose to match a newer (not yet released) app version translation.


Have not used Weblate before, and don’t think I have enough time to learn it, only reviewing would be nice

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That’s all-right @sebastian. You can share your findings here and then @ERYpTION or I can implement them in Weblate :slight_smile:

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Misspoke early, have not seen that I used Weblate before to translate some other app’s (Noice, KeepassDX and OsmAnd), maybe I just thought it would be a different process or did not recognize the name.
So I’m happy to help translating

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Thanks for the update @sebastian. Just to note that translations for the website were already done, so now it’s more about reviewing the translations in context :slight_smile:

It probably doesn’t count as a review (since I’m the original translator) but I have looked at the preview and made a few corrections :roll_eyes:
I have also noticed that the layout of some pages look weird. E.g. ‘Hardware keyboard shortcuts’. In the Danish (and French) version the layout looks messed up.
As far as I remember I just copied the original string and only replaced the text to make sure not to mess up the layout. But apparently something is missing compared to the original, English string?

I just had a look into why they might be messed up - the syntax in the Danish string seems indeed correct. It appears that the tool we use (to turn our website’s Markdown files into POT files that Weblate can handle) changes new lines into spaces. And this messes up the rendering of the table. I have created an issue for the tool to explain the issue and ask if he or we can do anything about it. Fingers crossed!

@ERYpTION The tool creator replied with the solution and strings can now be translated correctly in Weblate. Sorry for this

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Forgot about this but now it’s done :smiley:


Thanks a lot @ERYpTION! @sebastian indicated to be busy at the moment so I think I’ll post a call on social media to ask for help with reviewing. If you know someone who might be willing to do this, please feel free to let them know :wink:

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@ERYpTION We’ve waited long enough so @ByteHamster and I decided to go ahead and publish the translations. To announce the news on social media, would you mind translating this tweet?

Yes, we published our website Danish! This means that now also our Danish-speaking users have access to localised support pages, directly from the app! Check it out here:

Do you spot any errors, or have an improvement suggestion? Let us know on our forum:

It’s too long in English - depending on the length of the translation I’ll put it in one tweet or split it in a series. As usual, please translate liberally rather than literally :slight_smile:

Good to hear! My tweet translation suggestion:

Vi har nu offentliggjort vores hjemmeside på dansk! Det betyder, at vores dansktalende brugere nu også har adgang til lokaliserede support-sider direkte fra appen! Tjek det ud her: AntennaPod – Den åbne podcast-afspiller
Får du øje på nogle fejl eller har du forslag til forbedringer, så giv os besked i vores forum: Review of the Danish website preview

I have also translated a few strings on weblate to bring the Danish translation back up to 100% :smiley:


By the way, @keunes have the translated images from Translating images in the app stores (Danish) - #4 by keunes been added to Google Play? I still see the English ones.

Ok, messages shared on the socials! :slight_smile:

Nope. We were still looking into the localisation of the screenshots. I’ve reopened that thread so we can follow up there.

Is it possible to make it so that the Documentation & support link in the app (with language set to Danish) opens the Danish translation directly instead of one having to selected in from the dropdown menu afterwards?