Review of the Dutch website preview

Hi all dear community members,

@oldblue has been so kind to fully translate the website into Dutch, on Weblate. :netherlands::belgium::aruba::sint_maarten::curacao:

As for any new language, we aim to have another community member (or two) proofread the website preview.

By reading the translated website (and seeing translations in context) it is easier to see if some improvements might need to be made. We find it more important that the texts sound good than to have a literal translation.

The proofreader could either make edits directly in Weblate, or share their findings here for follow-up by @oldblue or me :slight_smile:

Interested? Please let us know in this thread, so no double work is done (or the work can be split)!

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Meow, meow!

Just saw the toot on Mastodon and I had some spare minutes :smile:
Awesome project! Unofrt I use iOS and don’t have any Android devices so it’s not for me but not to worry… I do speak and write Dutch.

I’m just starting but something about the “intro” text seems a bit uh… double maybe! For example:

“AntennaPod is een podcast-speler die volledig open is. De app is open source en je kunt je abonneren op elke RSS…” I would start with the sane sentence from the about page, you had it right there!

“AntennaPod is een podcast speler, gratis en met respect voor privacy. De app is open source en je kunt je abonneren op elke RSS…”

If I spot some more I’ll post it <3


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Dankjewel @mstdn for helping out!

That’s actually an issue with the English (source) version of the website. I agree this could use some rephrasing – I’ll give it some thought soon!

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I also saw this on Mastodon. I am actually a very happy antennapod user, so I thought I should have a quick look.

I looked at the “about us”/Over Ons page.

I’m not sure that “inhoud” is a good translation for “content”, I feel like “inhoud” means contents (as in the stuff contained in something). From what I can see (e.g. here), usually people just use the English word.

“vendor lock in” should probably link to the dutch wikipedia page.

I also looked at the Bijdragen page. No comments there, looks good!

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Dank ook @uglyhack!

I will adjust the translation of ‘audio content’ (to audiocontent), and adjust the Wikipedia page link.

Did you check just the landing page, or also the sub-pages? (Only Design and Support don’t have sub-pages.)

Allright, I’ve reviewed the texts this weekend and made a couple of changes. The Dutch version of the website is now published!

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