Saving individual episodes

App version: 3.3.2 (from /F-Droid/)

Android version: 10 (NO custom rom!)

I would assume there is a way to mark an episode as special and to be kept on the phone and not deleted but also not played again unless requested. Archived I suppose. However I could only find a way to archive an entire podcast and that seems to require the podcast being set to not update, a tag to be set and remove the podcast from the main list.
I want to continue getting episodes from the podcast etc and so this seems to be unsuitable.

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Long press on the episode and mark as Favourite.

Thanks for that. Had already done that for 1 episode to try it out and think my system still replayed it for me but maybe not. I will check and see if this does what I hope.

You may need to change the Download setting “Keep favorite episodes”, which might be set as default. i don’t remember.


Both here and in your thread about marking episodes as played, you mention the possibility of episodes being replayed without user intervention as something you’d want to avoid.

By and large, you can rest assured that’s how this podcast app (most podcast apps, I’d even say) are designed to work. (I’m not even sure there is a niche combination of settings which would allow that, if one wanted it.)

I would expect that to be the case but AntennaPod has definitely played episodes that I have marked as played (some of which I just marked as played but had not listened to and some I had almost completely listened to but not quite finished before marking as played). Either way the episodes restarted, without my involvement, at the beginning.

Ok, let me reply on that in the other thread to avoid going off topic here.