Search interprets space as OR instead of AND

App version: 3.4.0 (Google Play)

Android version: 11

Expected behaviour: E.g., the query snow white should be interpreted as snow AND white.

Current behaviour: The app searches for snow OR white.

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The search function does use “AND”. Because it searches in both title and description, long descriptions might contain many matched words

Just a thought: How does the search interpret “SNOW WHITE”? That is you put the search string within quotes?

Quotes are ignored as far as I know. It just searches episodes containing all words

Thanks for the clarification, @ByteHamster. If that’s the case, then I guess the next best thing is adding sort then advanced search. Having said that, I guess a relevance sort as default, ranking higher results closer to the search string order and proximity, might go some way in… providing more relevant results.

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