Sort search results + advanced search

App version: 3.4.0 (Google Play)

Problem you may be having, or feature you want: When searching for an episode in a podcast, sometimes there are so many results, it’s like not searching at all; just like scrolling through them.

Suggested solution: Adding the sort function to the search results screen would help. Adding advanced search, restricting the search to the title or the author, would help even more, as some podcasts list other episodes in each episode’s description (a listen also).

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:

I get the feeling that the search is OR’ing the keywords rather than AND’ing them so if you include a word like the it is going to pick up a lot of irrelevant results. Workaround for me is to be careful to only use less common words in the search.


Bingo! That’s definitely a bug then. I created a separate bug ticket for it.

The feature requests here stand, but that certainly should be fixed first, and probably will go a long way at sorting this out.

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