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The newest beta update (3.3.0-beta2) limits sort options, when compared to previous version.

I like to have my queue sorted by podcast title AND date published, in that order. This way I can have multiple back episodes (from the same podcast) in my queue and listen to them in chronological order.

Prior to the update (on 2/26/24?), I used to

Upper right drop-down
sort by Podcast title
sort by Date

But now upper right drop-down and then Sort, brings up a lower menu that has the sort options but there’s no hierarchical sorting between the categories. It’s by Podcast OR Date.
I now need to drag and drop podcasts to sort by date, after I’ve sorted by Podcast title.

This post, from Dec 2020, details the previous solution to sort: “Queue sort order: Podcast Title (A->Z) then Episode Date

Suggested solution:
Allow sorting by multiple criteria.

Sorting by multiple criteria was never officially supported, but we do plan to support it in the future.

However, you can still do the exact same thing as before and sort by multiple criteria by sorting multiple times after each other. It even needs fewer taps than before because you can stay on the sort screen.

I think you want to do date first and then podcast title. That’s how it worked in the old version as well.

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Thank you for the reply! Before posting I’d tried to do the sequential sort (Podcast title and then Date) in 3.3.0-beta2, but the Date overrides the Podcast title. I tried doing this with the Keep-sorted box checked but couldn’t tell if it was working. I just tried a number of different sequences of this, and, I think, that if I keep the Keep-sorted box checked (and resort by Date (2x so it’s ascending) and then Podcast title) it works. I should have smashed a few more buttons in different orders before posting. I likely had Keep-sorted checked on the older version and forgot I’d done this and the double toggle (for ascending or descending) confused me since I get too easily confused by up/down arrows and ascending/descending, whether it’s old>new or vice versa.
Thank you again!

For anyone who stumbles across this post: try selecting the Keep-sorted box.

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I am using regular version from Google Play, and I am not sure am I on the right place.

Simply, I would like to have ability to sort podcasts with criteria is the podcast downloaded or not.

I am not sure if I understand your question, but I can share how I have my setup, which allows me to see what I have downloaded and what is new but not downloaded. (My original question was about sorting my Queue, not the Inbox or Episodes pages/tabs.)

  1. I use my Queue to see what is downloaded, from podcasts I have set to auto download and episodes I have individually (manually) downloaded (from podcasts that I don’t have set to auto download).
    Settings>Playback>Enqueue Downloaded is toggled ON.

  2. I use my Inbox to see what is new but not downloaded. Every week or so, I go into my Inbox and review the podcasts there (episodes from podcasts that I don’t have set to auto download), when I download an episode it is removed from the Inbox and added to the Queue. After I’ve reviewed the episodes, or decided that there are too many 1, then I clear the Inbox. This way I know that everything in the Inbox is “new”.
    To clear the Inbox: Inbox>select the vertical ellipsis option>Remove all from inbox.

I hope this helps.

1 My Inbox gets a bit crowded rather quickly; e.g. yesterday, a Monday, I had 18 podcasts added to my Inbox, this does not included the episodes auto downloaded to my Queue. So sometimes I decide to not review all the New episodes and instead review select podcasts to see what’s new.

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