Stop playing after current itemin queue

App version: 3.1.1 (8073de55a) (downloaded from F-Droid)

Android version: 12 (no custom rom)

Device model: Pixel 3

Expected behaviour: I am looking for a way to end the playback of the queue after the current item has finished. An option in Sleep Timer could do that well. (This is Google Podcast’s solution, from where I have migrated to AntennaPod.)

Disabling Continuous Playback is not a good option to achieve this behaviour for me.

Current behaviour: The only way I have found to accomplish this is by moving the current item to the end of the playlist. Is there another way to do this I have not discovered?

Why is this not good for you?

Why is this not good for you either? There is a long-press option that can directly move an episode to the end of the queue

For what it’s worth related GitHub issue :

@ByteHamster: Thank you for taking up my question. I realize that this functionality really does not exist, so it would fit better to feature requests.

I prefer to fill my queue with a longer list of episodes I want to listen to. The time I have to listen varies greatly between short breaks (10 mins) up to train rides (a few hours). Usually, autoplay works best for me. There are times when I prefer to have an episode end as the end of my listening to anything as well. (This is, amongst others, my very personal preference for more ‘difficult’ topics where I might want to digest the contents before anything starts.)

From the view of the currently playing episode a sleep timer-based approach would be three taps (zzz → end of episode → close). Deactivating (five taps, scroll, five taps) and later reactivating (five taps, scroll, five taps) would be a much more cumbersome process.

Granted, this is the easier approach (and the one I am currently using). Some thinking goes into the order of my playlist, so rearranging it just for this purpose is not that attractive for me. In addition, I think the sleep timer would simply be the logical place to look for this feature (since other podcast apps have it there, too.)

@Matth78: Thanks indeed for linking to this! I notice that I am far from the only one with this request, there have been quite some users interested over the years.

I’m new to the forum, is there a way to vote for feature requests? If so, I would like to vote for this:

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