Translation of screenshot titles - Spanish

Spanish (spain)

**Subscribe to all of your\nfavorite podcasts**
 Suscríbete a tus podcasts favoritos

**Play smart with\nyour speed of choice**
Cambia la velocidad de reproducción

**Save time with\nautomatic downloads**
Ahorra tiempo con descargas automáticas

**Select the theme\nthat fits best to you**
Elige el tema que más te guste

**Adapt AntennaPod\nto your needs**
Adapta AntennaPod a tus necesidades

**Discover thousands\nof great podcasts**
Descubre miles de podcasts
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Hi @karramarro. Thanks for translating the texts! Please make sure to read the first post closely. The line breaks need to be specified manually to make the text look as good as possible.

Subscribe to all of your\nfavorite podcasts
Suscríbete a \ntus podcasts favoritos

Play smart with\nyour speed of choice
Cambia la velocidad\nde reproducción

Save time with\nautomatic downloads
Ahorra tiempo\ncon descargas automáticas

Select the theme\nthat fits best to you
Elige el tema\nque más te guste

Adapt AntennaPod\nto your needs
Adapta AntennaPod\na tus necesidades

Discover thousands\nof great podcasts
Descubre\nmiles de podcasts

Thanks a lot! I generated the screenshots and posted them on the page below. Could you please have another look to check if everything is okay? The texts should sound catchy, so if a direct translation does not work or sounds strange, feel free to use a slightly different text.

There is another text that can be translated that was not listed in the original post. It will be used for AntennaPod 2.1.0, which will get a tablet mode (+screenshot).

Enjoy your podcasts. Anywhere. Anytime.

It looks ok to me!

The direct translation in spanish is a bit longer:

Disfruta de tus podcasts En cualquier lugar. En cualquier momento.

A shorter one coluld be just::

DIsfruta de tus podcasts en cualquier momento.

Thanks! It is still a bit long but I guess we can make the font of the tablet screenshots a bit smaller when we add them. I assume that the I should be a lower case letter, right?

Sorry, I don’ understando what you mean with " the I"

If you mean the break, it could me something like this

DIsfruta de tus podcasts
en cualquier momento.

I mean “DIsfruta” vs “Disfruta”. Is this a typo or does it need to be a capital letter?

Ah OK. Sorry, it was a mistake :slight_smile:


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