Use antennapod to play mp3

Hi. I like the ap interface and would like to use ap to play mp3 files.

Is it possible? If not can it become a feature request please. Thanks

Welcome @bbb to the AntennaPod community. See if Local Files will work for you

I use a different app for playing mp3 files called Smart Audiobook Player. I actually use if it for playing radio programmes I have recorded/downloaded so I can listen to them at a time more convenient to me and so I can Pause/Play them without missing anything while working as a multi-drop van driver. Like AP you can just point it at the folder containing the subfolders - one for each “book”, “record” or collection of related mp3 files. It maintains a separate play point marker for each “book” so you can switch between them at will without losing your place.

Many thanks for your reply.

But I was hoping to find one app that does both audiobooks and podcasts.

That is the route that the likes of BBC Sounds and Spotify have tried to take and ended up as jack of all trades and master of none.

Spotify, maybe, I think. It offers audiobooks and podcasts. However, the playback experience is not good, especially in weak network places. So I always download them to MP3 with AMusicSoft Spotify Music Converter, it is much smoother to play offline.