Voice command to resume latest podcast

App version: 3.2.0 (Google Play)

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
As a former Google Podcasts users, I was searching around for a replacement and AntennaPod is my top candidate so far. Overall, it looks like a wonderful solution and even offers some new features. However, there’s one key thing missing. Before, I could resume the latest podcast (either start the latest in the queue or resume if in progress) with the simple command “Ok Google… Resume podcast”. I saw some previous forum posts mention that there is some built in support for voice commands, but I couldn’t find any documentation on the list of what commands are supported.

Suggested solution:
If not already supported, voice commands to start/stop the podcast. If it does already work, then some additional documentation would be helpful.

@dkriggleman This pull request added the Google Assistant feature.

I personally have not tried it, there is a mention of pause and resume. Yes, documentation would great to be added to AntennaPod.org

Would be good indeed to add it to the website. We never published or documented it, because we never tested if it works in practice.

@dkriggleman If you open the link that @tonytamsf shared, you can see under ‘inplemented features’ which commands are supported. Seems it’s only ‘open screen x’ and ‘search for y’. If you would be able to test these and report back if/how it works, that’d be great (for preparing documentation – I don’t have the devices to test this myself).

But so it seems that ‘resume podcast’ is not supported yet. We should probably register a feature request for this.

I tried played around with it a bit. So far, both of the those prompts just seem to take me to the search page and puts in the text that I spoke. I tried saying something like “Open Screen Downloads On AntennaPod” but that simply opened the search page with the contents “Screen Downloads”.

It looks like you can pause with your voice if you say:

“Ok Google … pause” or “Ok Google … pause podcast”

and you can resume but you have to say:
“Ok Google … resume”

If I say “Ok Google … resume podcast” it will take me to my default podcast app (Google Podcasts) instead of AntennaPod. Sadly there is no current way to set AntennaPod as my default podcast app.

If I say “Ok Google … resume podcast on AntennaPod” it will ignore the AntennaPod part and just resume my podcaset on Google Podcasts.

It looks like the only voice functionality that pull request implemented is for populating a search term within Antenna Pod, which isn’t something that many people are going to use.

I played around with what @retrocaster mentioned above. I can confirm that the resume podcast also opens the default podcast provider (Google Podcasts for me), even if I add “on AntennaPod” at the end. I’m not sure if there’s a way to get an app to register as a podcast provider, but I noticed that Spotify would allow me to link to the Google Assistant. As for the resume functionality, I could get it to work with voice but only after it had already been playing, used voice to pause, and the app was still open. I haven’t been able to get a podcast to resume while the app is not open.