Website text corrections/improvements

I started making corrections in the Website texts based on the source string comments on Weblate. But I’m not sure about these ones (and my phone is broken so I can’t check the app itself):

Episode Cleanup is located in Settings » Network » Automatic Download. If Automatic Download needs space for new episodes, it will delete old episodes that are not in the queue and not marked as favorite. You can add a delay (x time after playback) or Episode. The setting Episode Cache determines the maximum amount of downloaded episodes.

From: _i18n/en/documentation/automation/ (on Weblate)
‘or Episode’ → What does this mean?

We stand for an open podcasting ecosystem. An ecosystem that

protects listeners from inaccessible content in walled gardens

From: _i18n/en/general/ (on Weblate)
It’s difficult to understand what the user is protected from. Is the user protected from walled gardens? from inaccessible content? If the content in walled gardens is inaccessible by its own nature, how does the application improve the protection of the user from such content?

The user is being protected from content being made available only in walled gardens. So: protected from walled gardens (bad by principle, e.g. for privacy reasons) and from inaccessible content (risk of missing out on specific information). An open podcast ecosystem offers ‘protection’ in an indirect sense - indeed you don’t get protected from the content itself, but the tendency that more and more content is actually inaccessible.

Not really sure how to improve this - suggestions welcome :slight_smile: Maybe invert from negative (protection from) to positive (encourages)?

AntennaPod pushes the content in your ears, but we like to hear from you as well! Our community is open to your feedback and your thoughts. As humans we can disagree, but do so respectfully. And we do our best to make the app friendly for everyone. That’s why it is possible to hide automatic suggestions and easy to navigate around the app through talkback.

From: _i18n/en/general/ (on Weblate)
‘talkback’: unclear whether this is meant as a generic reference to voice commands or specifically to Google’s service (which is usually capitalised as TalkBack).

I meant it as reference to general screenreaders. But not sure if the implementation is specific to Google’s TalkBack, or might also work with also other screen reader systems. @ByteHamster, any advice?

The short, one-sentence description for in app stores

The more elaborate description for in app stores

From: _i18n/en/contribute/ (on Weblate 1 & 2)
Should it be ‘app stores’ rather than ‘in app stores’?

Not sure - I’d say it is displayed in app stores, not displayed on app stores or provided to app stores. But if a native speaker or English grammar expert has an opinion on this: I’m curious to hear others’ opinion.

Google: If you have activated backup & reset in your phone settings (Settings → Backup & Reset → Back up my data)

From: _i18n/en/general/ (on Weblate)
The Settings path uses a different symbol compared to other strings (usually it is “»”).

True. I was going to change this one to use the » sign, but given that it always gives trouble with auto-translated proposals (turning it into a " sign) I’m thinking we should rather update all the other ones. Even though, visually, I like » much better. What d’you all think?

You can explain well? Help other users on our forum.

From: Short strings, contribute->support->text (on Weblate)
I suggest using the exlamation mark at the end of the closing sentence.

For consistency we’d have to add an exclamation mark to every card on the Contribute page. I think that’d be a bit much, to be honest.

The episode automatically starts streaming (any previously playing or played episode is stopped)

From: _i18n/en/documentation/subscriptions/ (on Weblate)
This string reads a bit unclear to me. If an episode has already been played, isn’t it by definition already ‘stopped’?

Here ‘previously playing’ refers to ‘paused’ and ‘played’ is short for ‘currently being played’. Except that saying ‘currently playing’ would also a bit confusing because as soon as you hit play on the preview, the other one isn’t ‘currently playing’ any-more. Suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

Did you mean to add any reply here?

Turning the sentence positive and away from the concept of protection sounds like a good choice.

I’m neither, but I fully agree with the comment. Maybe you’re thinking of “in-app purchases”? Here you either need the “for” or the “in”, but not both.

I re-read this twice, but I still stand by my comment. :slight_smile: Couldn’t the string simply say “any previously playing episode is stopped”? That would read much more clearly IMO.

The Google Play Download badge says “on”

I also like » more. Another advantage is that it can be typed more easily than the arrow on a phone and PC.

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