AntennaPod crashes if Android webview needs an update

From a Google Play review

App version: 2.5.1 from Google Play

Android version: 11 (SDK 30)

Device model: Samsung Galaxy A20e

Current behaviour:

Stürzt wieder regelmäßig ab. :frowning: oft, aber nicht immer dann, wenn ich neue Podcasts runterlade und gleichzeitig Android System Webview zur Aktualisierung ansteht. Bin frustriert. Wenn das Sys.Webview (nach mehreren Anläufen) installiert ist, passt es wieder. Absturzprotokolle schicken geht nicht, weil leer. :frowning: Oft hilft nur Handy-Neustart.

Keeps crashing regularly. :frowning: Often, but not always, when I download new podcasts and Android System Webview is due for an update at the same time. I’m frustrated. When the Sys.Webview is installed (after several attempts), it works again. Sending crash logs doesn’t work because they are empty . :frowning: Often the only thing that helps is restarting the mobile phone.

This sounds similar to this issue:

But it seems slightly different as this comment mentions it happens when Webview needs/is getting an update. Don’t get why AP would crash because of webview needing an update - shouldn’t it just crash a lot or not all the time (regardless an update)? So I’m not so sure how to reply to this user.

That’s just the way WebView works. All apps that show a WebView are stopped when it is upgraded. AntennaPod always shows a WebView when the UI is open because of the shownotes in the miniplayer.

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Ok, replied accordingly. Thanks!

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