Change info that is shown in notifications?

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3.0.2 (b063f0508)
Google Play

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I love the app, thanks for that!

  • Can you make an option to change the information that is shown in the notification for new episodes? Now it says there is a new episode of . I also would love to see the title of the episode, so I can decide if I want to listen it to it.

  • Another thing is I often see a message in the notification like: ‘There are 4 new episodes of .’ Because I dont use the inbox and all the episodes there stay ‘new’. I use the ‘episodes’ section to look for new episodes. Is there a possibility to completely disable ‘Inbox’?

  • It would also be great if you can add the episode to the queue, in the notification itself. Dont know if this is possible.

I really like this app, the things above would make it even more great for me. Thanks!

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Personally I would not want the notifications to include the episode titles as for the sports review podcasts I listen to they can often contain spoilers to the result before I have had a chance to watch the event itself.

I can understand that. That’s why I asked for an option to change it in whatever notification you want.

I second this request. I am coming off Google Podcasts and looking for an alternative - AntennaPod seems to be the best option for me. Hoping we can see this option in the future so that I can swipe away a notification of an episode title I am not interested in (and not have to open the app)


I am also missing episode title in notification the most. It really max up the ux - you can avoid heavy app opening just to see what is the episode name. So it is not only about saving one click but a lot of time.

Yes!! I made an account just to respond to this. It’s strange to me, that this isn’t a more popular request. I used to listen to podcast on Spotify and it appeared so natural to have the Podcast Name / Picture aswell as the name of the episode displayed in the notification. That way I could manage my notifications a bit like a reminder / todo-list: swipe away the episodes that I’m not interested in listening to, keep the notification for an episode I want to listen to later. Click it and listen to it when I have the time for it. Now I get a bunch of notifications that say “X Podcast has Y new episodes” which is fine for small podcasts / my favorites where I want to listen to every episode no matter what, but with every other episode I would like to be able to skim the notifications for interesting episodes without having to enter the app and look them through “manually”. Also then, the notification disappears and I have no reminder of the new episode I wanted to listen to.
tl;dr: I would love this feature, it is very essential to my podcast-routine <3

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I think this is where the Inbox comes in. You see there are new episodes then open AP to show you all the details of all the new episodes to decide what to do with them. You can set AP to always open in the Inbox view and you could even have AP as a Lockscreen shortcut so with one swipe you are there.

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I would argue that opening inbox serves the same purpose. It requires app opening and it takes you out of launcher and takes significant time for cold app launch, especially with older phone. I count that such info is episode title in notification is standard nowadays. I also use notifications as kind of backlog that I decide what to swipe and what not, and I believe I am not the only one.

@gomezz I think that your point with spoiler is waiting you always somewhere else, either in inbox or in episode detail. And also, I am sorry, but I believe it is an minority of you that have problem with this.

@Snuff6048 made really great point to the topic, that most users experience. Notifications with no episode title are in most scenarios useless.

Not really. I open AP in the Subscriptions view and avoid tabbing to the Episodes view if I see a count of new episodes for a podcast or podcasts I want to avoid seeing the details for. I have been able to adapt my usage of AP for my use case (which I would aver is more common than you think) and I can see how you would use the Inbox in AP to manage new episodes. Does it really take that long for the app to open even on an older device? Especially compared to the several seconds you are about to spend looking at and dealing with new episodes? Sorry, don’t buy that as a justification for changing something that works perfectly well already.

TBH I cannot get my head around trying to use notifications for anything other than as notifications. Trying to use the launcher as a Jack of All Trades mega-app to manage all your usage rather than using it to pass off handling to the appropriate dedicated app seems bizarre to me.


I do that as well for the Google Play AntennaPod reviews, by lack of another system. And sometimes also for WhatsApp messages that I should (but don’t feel like) replying to.

However, that brought me in the situation now where I have so ridiculously many notifications that when my phone buzzed and I activate the screen and pull down the notifications, I can’t actually find the new notification. So they don’t really work as notifications anymore. So I’ve come to the conclusion that using the notifications as an Inbox/To do list is a bad system.

How come you prefer to do skim and swipe notifications rather than AP Inbox entries? It’s the same process, with just one extra step in between: tapping your notification to open the AP Inbox.

I understand that concern, but do you use (or have you considered using) the queue, and putting stuff that you want to listen to there? (This is also a swipe away from the inbox.)

I understand that pain, but I also wonder how long it actually takes. And if it is long, then maybe we should rather investigate why opening the inbox is taking so long. @ByteHamster is already looking into speeding up/making more efficient some things, maybe there’s room for improvement in the Inbox also.

What I could imagine we do, is introducing ‘notification actions’ like e.g. email apps have it (‘delete’, ‘archive’, ‘quick reply’):

We’ve also been discussing notifications in another context, but I don’t recall what the context was, and where we can find the notes/conclusions.

Agree. Yet for me notification open on podcast page and not inbox. I believe when there was multiple podcasts it was changed to open inbox.
I am using Android 14 and when there is notifications for multiple podcasts tapping it expand them and I have to choose one and it will open on this podcast page.

Ideally I feel it would be much better to have only one notification listing updated podcasts and having it to open inbox. :crossed_fingers: