Counter not reflecting unplayed episodes

I have the episode counter set to unplayed episodes. When I first began using AntennaPod and I filtered the subscription list by counter not zero, it displayed properly. Fewer and fewer subscriptions appear in the list even when I refresh.

Does unplayed mean downloaded and unplayed, or just unplayed from the list pulled from the site? I also stream and don’t download.

Could it be because your episodes are marked as new?
If you don’t remove new status then they won’t count as unplayed episodes.
If you want them to be counted along unplayed I think you have to set counter to new + unplayed.

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What does “new” mean? I thought it meant new since the last time I refreshed or something.

New meas that you have not interacted with them yet. As soon as you do something (like downloading, adding to the queue, etc), they get “unplayed”. For more details about new/played/unplayed, you can have a look at the documentation website here:


New is a status for an episode which is set when an episode appears in a podcast.
New episodes are listed in episodes screen and new tab so you can decide to download and add them to your queue.
You can remove the new flag if you don’t want to download an episode and clean up new list. If you do that the episode will be marked as unplayed.

As counter can be set to be either new+unplayed, new or unplayed then I guess even though new episodes are unplayed they do not count when using only unplayed for counter.

Getting back to new flag in my case what I do upon refreshing my podcast is checking all new episodes, decide which ones I want to add to download (which add them to my queue) and then remove all new flag.
If later on I am catch up with episodes in my queue I eventually go to subscriptions, choose some podcast with unplayed episodes and add some to my queue.


Thanks. After reading the documentation as suggested by @ByteHamster , I’m going to change from stream back to download and also use new+unplayed as the counter.