Don't auto-remove podcasts from the playlist after playing

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Google Play v2. 2.1

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Please could I request than an option is added for podcasts to not be automatically removed from the queue after they’ve played?

I listen at bedtime and often fall asleep and am having to re-add the podcasts from the previous night and in the right order etc.


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For reference, the original question: Don’t remove from queue after playing

Yes please! I’d love this feature too.

Yes happens more oftwn then I would like to admit, accidentally finishing an episode and it being deleted when I notice

To be honest such general setting doesn’t make sense for me: it goes against the whole point of the queue.

Rather, we should find a fix relevant to it’s context: the sleep timer.

I’m thinking implementing this: Sleep Timer: Stop at end of track · Issue #2146 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub plus an option or always-on behaviour to maintain the episode after end of track.

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@keunes Everyone has their habits and rituals so it all depends on your definition of the point of the queue. Even if the sleep timer functionality was changed as you described, the automatic removal of the played episode would have to be changed too.

Obviously bemoaning the lack of this feature is like complaining about being upgraded to Business but not First.

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That’s what I meant with the following :slight_smile: